Space Hulk: Marines and Genestealers

I recently picked up a commission to paint a Space Hulk set. When the game came out a few months ago, I was asked to paint the Marines for my FLGS copy. They were a blast to paint up and went fairly quick so when the opportunity to paint another set came along, I jumped on it.

Some of you may remember that I started a Bloodthirster Bloodbath commission recently (I'm still working on it) and there's a lot of red in those models as well... obviously. Doing the test pieces for those has given me a slight twist to how I paint my reds resulting in a slightly richer color. That and changing the color of my primer (but that's the next post). That's going to help me tremendously when it comes to painting these Marines.

As for the genestealers, I've finally worked out a method for painting them. Everything is supposed to match the box contents for this one.

It's a fairly quick process like most things I do, but it will be time consuming as it requires line highlighting and then blending each highlight.
I'll be using the highlight on the upper part of the arm (the lower part of the arm has a brighter highlight) since it blends better and I can always go back and add some lighter portions for effect if need be.

Since these models are "snap together," I've discovered that by shaving a little bit (and it doesn't need to be much at all) off the sides of the peg part of the joint, the model goes together much better. It makes it easier to get both pieces fully joined and minimizes any potential gaps.

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  1. Really nice job on this test arm. Im also looking fore some nice scheme for mine stealers. Im waiting for updates. Look like somebody is going to get awesome painted set :)


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