A closer look at my friend's Ork army

Since I started posting about my somewhat regular Thursday night gaming, I've had a couple of requests come from those posts. One of those requests was for more pictures of the Ork Battlewagon seen in the first week's post.

The force belongs to one of the Old Timers that comes out on Thursdays. He's got thousands of points of Orks and these pics barely scratch the surface of all the stuff he's got.

So without any further delay...

Two more of his Battlewagons, one of them still under construction.
The rest of the pics below can be clicked on to see a larger version.

This little guy has taken up residence in the right sponson.
And perhaps the most impressive model, the Gargant.

I'm hoping to eventually spotlight all of the armies we use on Thursday nights... we've all got finished armies so there's plenty to choose from.
I can't tell you how nice it is to play against a fully painted army these days.

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  1. Love that first Battlewagon... and did I see a Forge World Mega Dread in there as well? This guy must have a truly admirable Ork army!

  2. Certainly one of my favorite armies that shows up at the store.

  3. Gorgeous (well for orks, gorgeous)

  4. As a greenskin, I can appreciate these pictures. Nicely done!!

  5. Thanks everyone, big thanks to Ron for posting them on his blog and big shout out and Thank You to Chuck and Cathy at Game Vault for giving us a place to play and get away from our wives every now and then.


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