10 ways to improve your blog

Here they are, ten things that I've found you can do to improve your blog, help get more traffic and build your following. This is just my experience, if you've got something else you know works well, please let me know and I'll add it.

These are in no particular order, they're all important.

1. Good pictures.
If they're blurry, out of focus, too dark or the wrong color, why post them? If you're willing to take the time to snap the pic and then upload it, make sure it's worth looking at.
Nothing kills an article quicker than a bad picture. Pictures also show up in blogrolls where the Blogger has chosen that option (and most everyone does because we are visual people).

2. Write appropriate headlines.
When you sit down to write your headline, you don't get any bonus points for being obscure or funny if nobody gets the joke. Think about your audience... how am I supposed to know you're posting about your new Nurgle Daemon Prince when your headline reads, "This rulz!"
If you make your headlines short and descriptive, you stand a better chance of getting more readers swinging by to check out what you've posted. Sure, it wont be as cool, but by giving a potential reader the information they need when they're making that split second decision on whether or not they should visit, they may just stop in for a second.

3. Clean up your text.
Nobody likes to look at a wall of text. Try and add line breaks and space between paragraphs to give the reader a visual break and add some white space.
In this day and age, a wall of text is almost an instant turn off. Pictures spread throughout your post help and if you've got something like a story, think about making it into a multiple post thing where each one is smaller.

If I look at your post and it's all text that I have to scroll through for 40 minutes to get to the end, I'll say to myself "I'll come back later."
And I never do.

4. Proper spllling and grmmer.
Proofread you're stuff. it's understandeble to miss something her or there, but when every sentence has got an issu, most reeders wont make it past the opening paragraf if i have to work to figure out what it is you're trying to say in your post i'll just go someplace else and look at something i can read without needing a decoder ring.
Same thing goes for chat speek, texting, smilieys and all that kind of junk. Keep in mind, people come to 40k blogs looking for something more that what they can find everywhere else on the internet.

5. Links.
Clean them up. It's simple formatting to add that little bit of text that better describes the link instead of just posting the link itself. Nothing says you're lazy more than that.
Like pictures, if you're going to take the time to copy it and include it, let me know what it's to. Just don't throw it at me and hope I figure it out.
The moment I need to start working to figure out what it is you're writing about is the moment I go someplace else.

6. Give credit where credit is due.
If you use something that's not yours, give the Author credit. If you get an idea from someone else, give them credit. Nobody works in a bubble. In this day and age, we are all connected.

7. Respond to comments.
When I post a comment on someone's blog, I make it a point to subscribe to all comments on that post by email. This way I can see if the Author responds to my comment if I asked a question. If you want comments on your blog, you have to be willing to interact with the readers who comment on your blog.

8. Contact Me.
If you have no way for your readers to get ahold of you, then don't be suprised when nobody contacts you. You may not want the communication, who knows.
But that guy who found your blog for the first time, who loves your army and has a couple of questions and wants to email you about it... and can't... probably wont come back. It amazes me how hard it is to get ahold of people who want you to talk to them.

9. Navigate.
If you've got something on your blog that you want to share with readers, make it easy to find. Things like your tutorials, downloads, etc.
If you hide them, don't expect readers to go digging through your site in search of them when they can go someplace else where all that stuff is easy to find.

10. Work at it, regularly.
If your blog looks dead because you don't keep things updated or fixed, there's a good chance I won't be back. If you want me to invest time in your site, I want to know that you are too.
You don't need to have the latest template or features, just make sure things are working and kept up to date.
It doesn't take long once you look at blog to see just how much the Author is invested in it, and that's usually the amount the readers will be too.

Hope some of these help, I've learned most of these hard way and I figured I'd save some of you guys the headaches.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Pretty good tips! And while I agree with all of them, I'll admit, I'm guilty of not following a couple of them at times. Your blog will inspire me to renew my efforts!

  2. Great points Ron, and I try to adhere to them at all times!

  3. Number 9 is something a lot of people overlook.

    If you take a look at the Space Wolves blog, you can see how I've purposely taken the time to link up all the important articles on the sidebar.

    I also changed the favicon today. I feel clever now! :)

  4. Can we have a lesson on how to do certain things? I'd love to learn how to add captions to a picture, or how to change the text in a link to a descriptive phrase. What about widgets and things? Grammar is the most important too, bad spelling is a personal pet peeve of mine as well.

    Awesome post!

  5. Great list man. It really does highlight the main points to bring out the best in anyones blogging efforts.

  6. You've made some good points there, but please tell me number five was intentional. I hope I'm not the only one who noticed.

  7. Sorry meant number 4. Proofreading applies to comments too it would seem

  8. Fantastic post - as a new blogger, this is the sort of stuff I need to read, and ditto what Imperialjustice18 said - some "how-to"s (or pointers to existing articles) for us newbies would be great.

  9. Alright then... let's have a list of the things you might want to see "how to's" on and I will see about maybe doing one a week or so.

    While FTW isn't a blogging how to site, it can't hurt to share some tips that I've learned so we can all put better material out there.

  10. I think we also need to point out that sometimes the layout of the blog is important. The colour of the text is also important. Mainly because sometimes I couldn't be bothered to read a red/green/yellow text on black background, it just hurts the eyes...

    I prefer looking at black text on white background, makes me feel safer. I think that's why I've been sticking to the black text white background thing for years on my blog...

  11. I recommend using a browser/system with built in spell checking. Never hurts. You still need to learn the difference between your and you're:)

    Also go for a template that is good instead of going hogwire with your own design. You can fix your own later on. Let's say after your 50th post.

    Now to figure out the answer to 11: How to make the blogosphere give me a new camera so I can take better pictures:)

  12. Awesome article. We talk about the hobby so much that sometimes we overlook how to help those doing the talking.

    The only other thing I would suggest is to continually ask others to help. If you are part of a group, ask them to write articles, battle-reports, how-to's, etc. Even if they just give you pictures, that is a great help.

    A lot of people have something to say but don't have anywhere to say it except the forums. Give them a voice. Sure, the spelling and grammer corrections take some time, but it takes a lot less time than writing your own original content.

    ~Inquisitor Lord Aki

  13. Excellent article! One thing I'd add (as point 10b perhaps) is work ahead of the curve. If you’re writing a daily blog try your best to keep to that schedule. The best way to do that is to have a couple of finished posts "up your sleeve". That way you'll never find yourself posting a substandard article just to hit a deadline. Having the luxury of being able to revisit a post after its ‘finished’ but before its posted is a great way to spot problems or tighten up text before it goes public.

  14. More little interviews with other hobbyiests are welcome. Old Shatter Hands wrote quite a nice post like that just recently. It's something I happily would read more of for sure. A little tip:)

  15. BigLee: I try and keep a week's worth of stuff in the hopper so to say myself.

    Flekkzo: Sunday's Blogger Spotlight is an effort to do just that. I've got some other ideas I'll be starting too.

  16. All great tips, Ron. I agree with every one of them. :)

  17. Lovely stuff - thanks!

    It's got me thinking: I might put a navigation tab up to some of my 'tutorials' - although that's a rather euphemistic term!

  18. Thanks for this Ron and Co, great pointers for a newbie like me.May just stop me tweaking so I can get back to the painting table and have something to post about. :)

  19. Bix: Glad it could help. They are things I found have helped over the past few years that I've been blogging myself.

  20. Thanks for that it was very useful. I have to admit this blog has been a massive hindrance to my blogging, you put my first ever post on a Tuesdays top ten and since then I have striven to write something profound and failed ;-).

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  21. Simo: Glad to be a hindrance. It can be tough to get into the Top Ten. Lots of posts are competing for those few spots each week.

  22. Hello there! This is a newbie question but I just can't find the answer: how can I activate the thumbnail pictures on the blogroll? I must have missed something out...

  23. Ergotoxin: Check out this post: http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/2010/11/warp-report-07.html
    It talks a little bit about pictures in blog rolls.

  24. Thank you! Seems to be working now :)

  25. funny site, thanks for the share. enjoyed reading this one.

  26. As I'm relatively new to blogging this will really help. The pictures one is something I'm just getting to grips with. I've bought the equipment now just gotta learn to use it. thanks Ron

  27. Darkenedsquire: Glad it helped. It's only 10 things, but I've found them to be pretty important.


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