How hobby store time differs from real time

That's what my Wife calls it... "Hobby Store Time."

It's her way of saying that she knows that I'll be there all night even though I tell her I'll be back in a few minutes because I'm just going to pick up some paint.

She believes that time does not exist as it is commonly known it when I am at the hobby store, it changes to "Hobby time."

The conversation goes something like this...

Me: I'm off to the hobby store.
Her: Okay
Me: I'll be back in about 20 minutes.
Her: What time is it now?
Me: Uhh... 7:30 I think.
Her: Ok, see you around 10 then.
Me: What!?!
Her: I thought you were gone already.
Me: Okay, bye.

She knows that once I get there, I can't just pick up the one thing I went for. I've got to look through the paint rack at all the paints I don't use.
Then I go over to the White Dwarf and look for the new issue even though I know it won't be out for another two weeks.
Then I look at all the cool new models thinking I could build another army and add this model and that model and one of those too.

Then I see someone I know and I stand around and talk shop for a few minutes. Of course there's usually a game going on so I cruise over and take a look at how it's going.

Then I thumb through the magic cards even though I don't play the game.

Then I take a peek in the back room to see if anyone has a big game going on like the Flames of War guys which is another game I know nothing about.

Then I try and find the one thing I went there for in the first place. After that, I swing by the book rack and look The Art of Warhammer for the thousandth time even though I will never buy it.

And after all that I head over to the register and instead of actually paying for my item, I put it on a tab since it only costs $3.29 and I don't have the cash on me.

I love my Wife, it's scary how well she knows me.
But now I need to head out to the hobby store for a few minutes.

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  1. Oh, goodness.
    My boyfriend is like this.
    Except I'm with him on his trips...

  2. (But it doesn't take as long because he is considerate of me standing idly)

  3. i find its easier just to tell the girlfriend im having an affair... much quicker than explaining why i need to buy more plastic spacemen...

  4. When I'm out alone, my girlfriend usually knows to expect me back in about 2-3 hours. Living in a large metropolitan area - I have several stores that I frequent in addition to my main. So when I have a shopping need, I tend go to all of them at some point or another.

    When she's with me, I try to make the stop quick just to be considerate of her.


  5. Creepy. It's like looking into a mirror.

  6. I would say I have basically the same ritual with the exception of the Art of Warhammer book which my store does not own. Instead I have to look at the "How to Paint Space Marines" Book even thought I don't actually play Space Marines.

    And my wife calls it the nerd store and we "geek it up" on the weekends.

  7. "i find its easier just to tell the girlfriend im having an affair... much quicker than explaining why i need to buy more plastic spacemen..."

    You sir, are a genius!

  8. Amen, Ron. Amen.

    I'll wander in, check in with the owners, chat a bit, browse, and then maybe pick up what I need, chat a little more, then probably leave.

    If the girlfriend's waiting, it'll probably run faster, but yeah.

  9. I'm lucky enough to have an independent store that hosts quality games night (no kids) ... so my other half's happy if I come back before midnight. Plenty of time to do the above while waiting for my opponent to set up.

  10. See I'm usually in town when I decide to pop in, my girlfriend sits on the bench outside. Last time I went in I forgot she was out there!

  11. Yeah similar here. After a while though she got smart and made me take one or both kids. Actually worked out to my favor when it was just the son.

  12. My wife would be mad if I didn't bring her with me so she could do the same. Am I blessed?

  13. I know that if the Wife and I are out and she gives me the approval to stop by my FLGS while she's with me, I make it fast. Real fast.
    No chit-chat for me.

    Hudson: Yes you are.

  14. Its funny that its the opposite conversation for my wife and I (since she of course runs the store):

    Me: The store closes at midnight tonight, right?
    Her: Yes.
    Me: MIDNIGHT right?
    Her: Yes.
    Me: Okay I will see you around 2 AM.

    Then I call her at 1 AM and she says "these guys are just finishing their last turn" which of course means, as I expect, 2 AM.

  15. It's either Moe's bar or the nerd-hole. Something tells me the Wife unit appriciates that it is easier to handle a nerd coming home than Homer coming home after an evening out:)

  16. i wish we had hobby stores in Turkey to browse and lose ourselves while doing it...

    anyone burst into tears yet? :)

  17. I tend to be more of a black bird after 'Shiny things' It turns out mostly in the way that you described, only with gotta have it Naow dances. I'm not aloud near the GW store anymore....

  18. Oh how I rolled on the floor after reading this! Have not been married now for 10 years and it has been over 20 when I was married and visited the hobby shop on the way home from work.
    Of course these days I can go hang out whatever and don't have a "war dept" to answer to or nag me, but you have it right, there is regular time, and hobby time. :^)

  19. Heavens Eagle: We laugh because it's funny and we laugh because it's true. I don't get out to the hobby store as much these days, but the idea is still very much alive in my house.


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