1500 point mech Deathing army finished

Yep, they're done and I did the bare minimum.
To be honest though, that was the plan right from the get go. Do only what needed to be done, nothing more. This army has come together either by scrounging through my bits box or using models I've collected over the years... and one or two that were given to me.

Since it's a shorter list, let's look at what I did do.
1. Everything is fully painted and based.
And that about covers it.

What didn't I do? Good question.
1. No conversions on the infantry. No fancy poses or greenstuff work, I just used the bits I had lying around.
I don't count the Commander conversion since he was a test model I did almost a year ago to see if I could build greaves for terminators.
2. No conversions on the vehicles or dreads other than to replace the parts on the Land Raiders that were lost long ago. Again, bits box diving. I even made the side doors on the Land Raiders out of plasticard since I didn't have replacement ones.
3. No fancy basing, just GW sand.
4. No fancy paint scheme, standard Codex scheme (or close to it).
5. No drilling out gun barrels, black "dots" all the way.

The only place in the army that I did a little extra work was with some freehand. I painted the chapter symbol on all the shoulder pads and did a lightning effect on all the power weapons. That's it.

I'm going to get some pics of individual units in the coming week or so and I'll get them posted. I fell in love with the army when the first edition of Space Hulk came out and now I've finally got it finished.

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  1. Still looks great all around ron. Good stuff on the army how many points did it end up being?

  2. There is a lot to be said about a clean, uniform paint style. You don't always have to have all the fun bells and whistles. A crackerjack job.

  3. Looks good and done in a quarter of the time than my army.
    Have you used this army in battle yet?

  4. I really have a soft spot for 'get it painted' armies.

    Looks great and I'm envious. I'd really love to do a force up like this someday in the future.

  5. That's some work for a bare bones job. I really enjoyed your Deathwing models more than anything else.

  6. Great stuff Ron - well done! And thanks for the inspiration to get my own Deathwing guys done for Space Hulk! Cheers, Paul

  7. i like this "no frills" painting, looks really grimey and gives a more realistic looks to an army that has been campaigning for a long time..

    did you find it hard to stay with that idea?.. was it difficult to resist the urge to use your full box of tricks and to avoid all the bells n whistles that normally go into a model or an army?

    well done, the army looks really compact and has a good uniform look.


  8. Thanks guys.

    Rogue Valley Minis: It's 1500 points. I could still squeeze a few things in like a standard bearer and an Apothecary but I'm too lazy to do it right now.

    Brother Vizlani: Twice so far,a win and a draw. I should get my third game in today.

    Vinci76: Actually no, I worked on these guys between my commission work so I had very little time to get as much done as possible. The only thing I want to do is go all out and make a Librarian because I have a really cool idea for one.

  9. 1500 points?That is on awesome,and I assume,cost-effective army.What was the total cost,ron?In money,not points.

  10. I had everything lying aroud, so nothing really.

    But if I take each part...
    + The LRs were payment for work I did.
    + I had one squad the other was given to me.
    + I had Belial from my Lustwing.
    + And both dreads were given to me.

  11. I'm always impressed by the cohesiveness of your work. Great looking army.

  12. Love the oldschool landraiders paired with your cool hq guy.

    Thanks for continuing to keep the blogger group great.

  13. Looking good there Ron. I will have to ask you later how you did the lighting effects. Or better yet could you do a tutorial on how to do it?

    But i really do like the dirty feel of them, a big change from your Templar.

  14. Thanks guys.

    Steve P. The lightning effect is similar the the Space Hulk effect. I have a tutorial here: http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/2009/09/power-swords-space-hulk-style.html


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