Working on a couple DIY character banners

Once I finished painting the Vulkan conversion (click for larger view) I was working on, it was time to start on the banner. In this case, I ordered some plastic Sergeant banner bits from The War Store and I'm waiting for them to arrive. Usually, I'll make my own with cardstock but I've found that the smaller banners look better on plastic bits.
Sure, they're a little harder to do since I have to paint the image onto a less than flat surface but the end result is worth it.

Like all things, I sketched out a couple ideas and sent them to my friend for his approval.

The trick is to match the imagery and the colors with the rest of the force. Each guys needs to be unique but still fit in overall.

The Commander on the jetbike is a different story though. His banner will be double sided and I'm making it from scratch.

While it doesn't look like much right now, it will be a flowing, double sided banner when I'm done with it. Hopefully...

I don't remember where I picked up this process, but I used it once before with great success in replacing the banners on an Epidemius model.
I've actually made a banner for a similar model way back when and I'm hoping the experience of the two projects will get me through this one. Shouldn't be too hard.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

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  1. Dude, I have TONS of those banners. Lemme know next time.

  2. Bryce: Thanks, if only I thought to ask.
    It never dawned on me actually, I was more concerned about the chainfist (and I got him painted up last night too).

  3. Nice work.
    What are you doing the text with on the scroll?

  4. suspire: Do you mean the top picture of Vulkan and the purity seal wrapped around his weapon?

    If so, it's just a really small brush and a dark brown color for the text. I use the slightest amount of paint and try a draw real thin, squiggly lines evenly spaced down the scroll.

  5. I get the same effect using a brown artist liner pen. Once they sucker dries, its permanent. My hand isn't steady enough to pull it off with a brush. I would end up with a disproportionate amount of cursive f's in my High Gothic or the read out from a seismograph.

  6. I really love this color scheme. I try to work purple into most of my armies, but this is done so much better!

  7. HOLY ****

    This model took my heart ^^


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