Using lava bases to simulate snow terrain

This is a Guest Post by Jon

I was less than satisified with my first attempts at snow bases for my Space Wolves, so I decided to try some of the resin bases that I'd seen around.

I reasoned that on Fenris, rock out-croppings would be wind-blasted clean of snow, while the layer of snow and ice that settled in the crevices, would form a smooth suface, like a lava flow. At four bucks for a bag of ten 25mm lava bases from Dark Arts Miniatures, I was willing to try it out.

I started by priming the base black, then dry-brushing with Ceramcoat Anthracite. Next, I painted the crevices Shadow Gray then painted a bit of Space Wolves gray along the edges where the snow would be shallowest. Then I dry-brushed the whole base with Codex Grey.

Next, I applied PVA into the larger crevices and flocked with GW snow.

I decided to use one of the old Gamesday Wolf Priest models for the experiment, he's standing on a rock, so it got painted the same as the rock areas of the base. When I joined him to the the based, I put some PVA around the seam where his rock joins the base, and put in some more snow.

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  1. my wolves are on dark art bases too, the urban ones. They are top notch. This is an excellent idea for snow bases though.

  2. cool. i'm doin lava bases for mine using cork for the rock the mini is standing on and the base will be painted as lava. will post on my blog once i get one all painted up!

  3. Looks really good Jon. I like the end product. I suppose you could even pile up the snow deeper if you needed too. I could see where that could come in handy for the making subtle changes to the units.


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