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Rumor: "an unverified account or explanation of events circulating from person to person and pertaining to an object, event, or issue in public concern" -Wikipedia

What is it about rumors?
We just can't get enough of them it seems.

Whether it's Blood Angels, Tyranids, Space Wolves or whatever, we gobble this stuff up like there's no tomorrow. Check out any of the big bulletin boards and there are all these veiled references and doublespeak and saying things without saying them.
It's pathetic really.

How about this...If you know something, just say it.
If you don't or are not allowed, then simply be quiet.

But this whole thing of I know something that you don't is sad. And then to post about it and watch others play the game "Guess what's on my mind" as they desperately try and decode what you might have possibly been thinking about mentioning in a round about way is even worse.

That's one of my favorite games by the way.

If people put half the effort they do into "decoding cryptic posts" made by people talking about things they "can't" talk about into actually working on their armies, I could play against completely assembled and painted armies more than once every four years.

Try it next time, if you have accurate information and can talk about it, then please share it with the group, otherwise just keep quiet.

If you're just looking to boost your post count on your favorite bulletin board, then try one of the modeling and painting sections where you can help someone in need.

Or, you could go work on your army and actually get it finished.

And for the record, Tau are coming out after Blood Angels.

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  1. Well stated sir! and Tau after Blood Angels would be awesome... but only time will tell :)

  2. I can't recall ever seeing a rant post on FTW before.

    I like rumor's as much as anyone else in the hobby, but I'm not going to waste my time deciphering and over analyzing what someone who 'might' know something says.

  3. BoLS tends to be my 'mediator' of rumour on the net. If it's been vetted by the guys and worthy of publich on BoLS, then its probably going to happen...

    That said, I'm a sucker for the Harry Potter, Imperial Guard, Tyranids etc big build up ... love it love it love it.

    Rumours are all about anticipation, its about 'shaking the box' before Christmas ... it builds towards the anticipation and is the cheapest advertising GW can get. Just look at the heat that the Space Hulk release provoked...

    Decoding ... gotta agree - totally dull. Translating french short lists ... I might have done that in my time... a couple of times... maybe.

  4. On the contrary! Rumor obsession is engaged in by people who like rumors, and mostly ignored by people who don't. For some, little tidbits of what's "next and hot" in the hobby are what keeps the buzz level high for them. If it's not 40k rumors it would be some other variety. To each his own.

    Now if a rumor that "Forces of the Inquisition" was after Tau I would rejoice.... true or not.

  5. On the one hand, I like rumors, random speculating, and what-not. I don't put much stock in them, they're rumors after all, but it's still fun.

    Now for the individuals who hide behind thinly veiled innuendo and coy word teases who probably don't know anything in the first place, they just want attention...well, they ruin it for everyone.

  6. I think that a rumor that is stated to be something derived or inferred is fine as long as the poster is clear about why they believe it. Eg; "When I asked if the Necron codex was next, Phil Kelly laughed so hard he shot milk out of his nose... and he was drinking soda!" This would count as a rumor that Necrons might not be the next codex out. The posts Rons speaks of though, I agree, suck. They are akin to the post people make on facebook or myspace, "they aren't going to get away with this!" I've deleted people from my Facebook friends list for posts like that. It's just an attempt to beg for people to interact with you.

    So, I guess the point of that longwindedness is that I agree. If you have some evidence, share it. If not, shut up.

  7. I agree 100%. I'll admit that I spent some time addicted to all those rumor threads right before 5th came out. Then I got the book and felt let down as I had already read about 80% of the new rules on the net. Since then I avoid rumor threads as much as possible, as I personally want to be surprised when something new comes out. It's like already knowing what your going to get for Christmas in September.

    I'll admit it's nice to have a hint of something but not to know everything, like 12 years ago when I started this hobby and the only rumors we really saw were those posted in White Dwarf. Hell I remember back in '98 a buddy made a trip up to GW US HQ and come back with a few rumors. Now those felt like rumors...

  8. I actually like the rumors, and wish listing, it is a side hobby. It does not in anyway affect how much I work on my army, or how much I play games.

  9. Yep what I've been hearing is One other marine dex after BA's bracketed on one side by tau/eldar on the the other be DE/tau/eldar....
    DE at the Earliest late next year or early 2011

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  11. I've given up on all the rumours. Don't get me wrong, if there's a pic of some new release, then I'll have a look but beyond that, I don't care.

    It got to me with the guard codex, all the forums were full of it and I spent a lot of time checking the different rumour posts and thinking what if?

    Then it occurred to me that we would actually know anything for sure until the codex came out and there was bugger all I could do about it until it did. So, promptly, I stopped reading them.

    It would be nice if GW would give us a clearer view on what coming out in the future, especially with these second wave releases, but I can see why they love the rumours, it's just part of their marketing machine.

    PS - Large email coming your way later.

  12. Don't get wrong guys, I like promotion. I just want honest stuff. If you've got an actual pic, then show me, if you know something, tell me. But if you're going to be coy and want to play games and speak in code...
    I don't have the time.

    oni: I rant, but it's rare.
    Col: Looking forward to the email.

  13. I just let other people scrape out rumors, double talk, and bogus pics. I don't have the time. If it's a big event, like a GamesDay, then I might poke around a bit. But other than that, there is really no reason for all the rumor mongering other than filler until the next release.

    Just about every 40k forum on the web has some type of rumor thread page. Spoils any surprise if you ask me, it's like peeking at your Christmas presents... do you want to know what your gonna get OR be surprised at what your gonna get? I, personally, like to be surprised so I stay away as much as possible from the rumor mills.


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  15. I here you Ron!
    I enjoy browsing through sites and hearing news, BUT only when it's actual news, not speculation or wish listing.

  16. *Shoves Perfidious Rumours Aside*

    Yeah no time for rumour-mongers, I don't have enough hours in the day.
    I wait until either the pre-order posters go up in store, or it is announced on the GW website. Hell we were hearing rumours about re-done Legion of the Damned a full year before the latest Marine Dex came out and well they are still coming (in January if memory serves).

    @Bigbadbull: I also heard the DE are due Late next year or early 2011.
    To be honest though I personally wish for a redone inquisition Dex, but no-one is even speculating on that yet.

  17. "If people put half the effort they do into "decoding cryptic posts" made by people talking about things they "can't" talk about into actually working on their armies, I could play against completely assembled and painted armies more than once every four years."



  19. the above statement is a terrible rumour and not to be believed.... or is it?

    of course it is...

    would be good though...

  20. I'm with Corbane. Nothing new there, then.

    IG rumours kind of wore me out, and my approach to the hobby's matured a lot since I started blogging...I guess I'm happier now to just do my thing and care infinitely less.

  21. I actually like the rumors more or less.

    We know 'nids are next and while I do not field a 'nid army I like the speculation and the anticipation.

    Every new codex that comes out seems like a new army for all of us even if we only face it in battle rather than field it ourselves.


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