What have Space Wolves done to 40k?

If you're looking for Wolf bashing, move on soldier.
If you're looking for GW bashing, this isn't it either.
If you're looking for something about 40k armies, keep reading.

I don't ever remember there being this much to do about any other Codex when it came out. Maybe I just wasn't aware of it, but then again, maybe this is different. The new Space Wolf Codex has changed something. I don't know exactly what it is, but you can feel it when you look around at the boards and blogs and such.

And I'm not gonna lie, it's had it's impact on me too. I've got the new Codex and I've given it a good read through a couple times now. My army of choice is Deathwing and like everyone probably knows, Space Wolves can do this now too.

I even spent the time and worked up my list using the new Space Wolf rules. Just like everyone else will do when they get ahold of the Codex as well.
But why? That was the question that came to mind when I was done.
Because I wanted something I thought was better?
Like having Wolves was going to be an auto win?
Am I afraid that by not playing Space Wolves, I'll lose all the time?

Here's the conversation I see happening in the next couple weeks at most every game of 40k...

Player 1: What do you play?
Player 2: Mentor Legion
Player 1: Cool, I've got Eldar.
Player 2: But I'm using Space Wolf rules.
Player 1: So... you're really Space Wolves.
Palyer 2: Oh no, I'm Mentor Legion.
Player 1: Uh... ok, Mentor Legion it is.

I suspect I will be playing against a lot of Space Wolves in the near future. And I wonder, will it be because those people really like Space Wolves or will it be because they need to have what they think is the best?

Even more is this, how many of those armies will be fully painted and based? I'm willing to bet I'll see lots of finely tuned "Space Wolf lists" that are made up of unpainted and unfinshed models. I'll even go so far as to say most of those armies will look the same too in their build AND appearance.
Why don't players put as much effort into the look and appearance of their army as they do the rules for it? And don't tell me you can't paint.

I've read a few posts recently about how people picked their armies and what got them into the hobby originally. It's made me think about what all this means for me.

I'm not going to use Space Wolf rules for my Deathwing.
But that's a decision I came to on my own. Ask yourself why exactly you're starting up/using/switching over to Wolves now or why you're not going to. And if you do, are you going to paint them up as Wolves or will you be using them to replace rules already in existence?

I can only hope that those players looking for the "best army" find it... before they miss out on the whole point of the game. To share a few hours with some friends playing with some cool looking miniature soldiers on a nicely terrained table.

An good luck to those of you looking for the "best army," I suspect you've been on it for a while now and still haven't found it.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I've got my new codex today and it looks great but I have to say I'm not planning on playing them as Space Wolves. I decided to use them for my chapter the Angels Exemplar as I'm playing with a chapter that the Imperium has lost communication with and has possibly turned traitor. More importantly I wanted them to be brutal, they're meant to have close links to the Ordo Hereticus and excel at guerilla conflicts, short range combat etc and the Space Wolves book struck me as the best to show that. Not to mention when I created the Angels Exemplar I built their organisation as being small units formed around a champion as I was going to have them as a pure chaos army but Space Wolves will give me a more characterful way to do that.
    I have to say though with all the complaining etc. I've heard about them I'm a little turned off the idea. Hoping the story of my army will shine through the fact that I'm starting a Space Wolves army at the same time as all those looking for the cheesiest WAAC army :S

  2. Some very interesting points. While I agree with a lot of it, I do feel that the rules you choose to use shouldn't affect how much fun you're having with your mates.

    I personally will be having a look at the army list - mainly because I heard you can do a Wolfwing (I don't know the details yet - I don't really follow the rumours for these kinds of things), and if I like the look of it, I may well adopt those rules, if it allows to me field the models I want to.

  3. I have to agree with what your saying mate. I'm looking at SW as another modelling painting challenge rather than all the new uber rules. The guys in my local GW store where trying to tell me the rules while I was looking at the 'dex and all I wanted to do was look at the awesome mini's and try and decide what colour scheme for what Great comapny I liked the look of most. It's going to be very dissapointing to see alot of non Sapce Wolf Space Wolf armies out there and it's going to happen...

  4. I'm planning on to slowly build up a Space Wolves army, because I like them. I like the models, the background, the color scheme, etc. My imperial fists won't use SW rules, nor will my SW use Tyranids rules. What's next, Dark Eldar with SW rules?

    That said I understand that everyone wants their army to be playable. I do too. The solution to that is better codexes though. That is up to GW I'm afraid and one can only hope that it will level off.

    Also it is also cool when people build armies using their imagination and fix their own conversions and do generally really cool stuff. I am all for that. It's a model hobby after all. Go nuts:) But don't switch codexes around to get to a "stronger" codex.

  5. Yeah I'm just like Oz Marshal in this sense.

    I LOVE Space Wolves. Always have.
    But when the codex first came into store the only thing I cared about was the models and artwork! I couldn't wait to see all the minis and awesome pictures of Long Fangs shooting chaos war engines through the throat at close range!!

    Now I have had a few chances to look at the dex and all I have done is read through the background sections, especially that of the Wolf Lords.

    I am currently building Ultramarines, and they will run as Ultramarines. And when I get around to Space Wolves they will run as Space Wolves only, even when the new amazing BT codex is released.(That's for my own chapter based on Black Templars!)

    ps how did everyone get their codex early?? I'm still waiting around for it!

  6. Most people just want to take 2 special weapons in their marine squads...oh and 2 close combat weapons and counter charge is nice too.

    Blood Angels are scheduled for this time next year. So I'm sure they'll be a strong army as well.

    It feels like we've gone back to 3rd edition doesn't it?

    Even though I'm very excited about the Space Wolves Codex, (because we finally have something that can beat the 3 Battlewagon + Ghazghull Ork army) I wish GW did 1 marine codex with a heap of upgrades to represent all the different chapters (and create your own) and then focus on all the other armies.

  7. I actually dropped Space Wolves for Chaos Marines a few years ago. With the new 'dex stirring up a hornets nest of yay/nay all over the web, it would be hard not to try it out.

    However my Word Bearers are done being built and now that I am painting them I'm not going to stop.

    I loved the Wolves for the fluff and for the idea of this barbaric marine that does the right thing even if that means going against Imperial orders. Could I use the Wolves 'dex for my Word Bearers? Sure I could, but I'm not going to. I'll stick to my 'dex as bland as it is, I don't need to jump on the "counts as" wagon to feel I'm getting the 'dex that's best for my army.

    The design philosophy the started out in the beginning of 5th, i.e. Chaos, DA, & BA, seems to have shifted again. The ultra streamlined lists were not looked at well , indeed the ranting of many a disgruntled player can be found in any hobby forum. But the design change gives me hope for the other 'dexs coming down the pipe. I hope they all can be like the Wolves 'dex with layout, options, and multiple lists possible from a single book for one army.

  8. I think I've got to agree a bit with you Ron, I think we WILL see more 'Counts as' Space Wolves, esp. in tourneys.

    I think part of the problem arises out of GW's rules creep as much as anything. With the last few Marine books, there has been a little bit of 'counts as' fever, but with SW's being a CSM/SM blend, with uber psyker powers... I'm expecting quite a few disgruntled CSM players to use their old models with newer, better rules.

    I'm also expecting the highly competitive SM players to do 'counts as' as well.
    The Encouragement to use Special Characters to give your force uniqueness is leading more to an attitude that it doesn't really matter what I play, I can do 'counts as' and have a competitive build no matter what.

    It's tempting to do 'counts as' with DH. heck, WE'RE never gonna see a new codex any time soon. It's a shame, such nice models I spent good money on, only to be largely uncompetitive.

  9. I'm probably old and crusty, but I think if you like "Space Wolves", you need to build and paint them up. If you like, for example, Mentor Legion, you need to figure out how to be effective without the Space Wolf rules you didn't have till recently anyway. We as gamers are lucky in that GW paired a great codex with a great set of minis. You can have great rules with great minis... why not!?!

  10. I'm going to buy the Codex and use it for my regular marine army. Counts as, so on and so forth, but not because the new codex is ubber over powerful, broken and let's not forget unbalanced. Playing it will help me to better understand it and help me to counter it. That and I also would love to do a 'Wolfwing' army down the road. :P

  11. Relictors are what I play and with a vanilla marine codex. I may dabble with some old WD295 rules for Relictors (use of Daemon Wpn and Banner, No Allies except Radical Inq) but I'll be sticking with them. I agree Ron, better to have fun and paint the minis rather than win win win at all costs. But, hey I might buy a few SW anyway - that belt feed assault cannon tipped it for me!

  12. Like I said, we all have to make our own decisions... but I'm willing to bet everyone that jumps onto this Codex (for the benefits) will drop it as soon as the next/new one comes out.

    Winning doesn't come by way of the Codex you choose.

  13. I love the models in the new SW material. I have been itching to switch and paint some power armored marines but was looking for something with a little more character. SW seem to fit the bill. Then again, I also really like the blood angels for whatever reason.

    On the other hand, I'm such a slow painter/modeler and have yet to play a single game with my eldar since I don't want to field an unpainted/primered army I'll probably only get a few SW models at a time to give myself a break. The space elves will be where the majority of my focus stays. But we all cheat on our main army eventually don't we?

    Like anything else, a certain percentage of people will always see the grass as greener and make wholesale changes before learning how good it can be with the army they have. Others just like to collect, paint and model. Even if they don't get to play much.

  14. Alot of these rants I am noticing are in the lines of "the new codex is better than the rest" and is paired with capitalist conspiracy. I completely disagree, since I use older codexes and newer ones with the same win/loss ratio. To add more to the equation, I make "fluffy" lists and I try to keep them balanced. Often, a friend will find some combo or cheese factory, but as I found, there is always a counter or negative to it. Overall, each army needs rules that gives the army it's uniqueness on the table, some are more unique than other I guess...

  15. The Space Wolf Codex, for me, is an awesome chance to kit-bash the heck out of the boxed sets and come up with some super cool Warriors of Chaos. Also, all those lovely knives, pendants and pouches will really compliment my kroot as well.

    One guy in our gaming club has already abondon his Chaos Marine Codex for SW and using his chaos marines to count as Space Wolves. i just laugh as he does this so often...Of course not a single model in his collection is painted by him, but the hobby is more about winning games and strategy than anything. We call him a power-gamer.

    I've always said that paint and base your army and less people will call you a power-gamer.

    I'm not sure that SWs are an auto-win army though. They still can die just like another MEQs. Shas'la, plasma rifles-check, massed missile pods-check, railguns-check...

  16. As you know Ron, I'm the king of lost causes ... collecting Guard, Tau and Nids.

    Although Guard got buffed and Nids in January 2010 - great.

    I don't like space marines ... I just see that much value in putting a bunch of one wound models in tin cans and charging the enemy.

    I LOV the concept of spacewolves ... the superhuman spaceman werewolf viking hits all three genres at once (fantasy/scifi/horror), but the new 'buzz' is very simlar to Orks or Guard. Once players have worked out what they can and cannot do, it'll be business as usual...

    The only difference is that the new codex approach of 'plays as' combines nicely with most players owning a smurf army ...

    Oh and werewolf space vikings are cool.

  17. I'm in this hobby more for the modeling/fluff. I'm considering doing Space Wolves, but not as replacement rules ... if I do them, I'm collecting them separately. I do actually like the models, so it's a plus. Furthermore, my Dark Angels models would be insulted to the extreme to be used as "counts as" SW. Lion and the Wolf. Never forget!

  18. I love the idea of looking at SWs as Space Werewolves. Bet one could make a pretty spiffy looking army on that theme. I hope someone does and posts pictures of it. Just wanted to chip in with a little positive stuff:)

  19. Don't get me wrong, I think the models look great as well. I'd love to have some new Deathwing stuff just like I'm sure the Dark Eldar and Necron folks would like their share too.

    I hope GW can infuse the same effort they did into Wolves into everything else that comes along in the future... without the power creep maybe?

  20. Well, I can say that I'm pretty excited about the new dex -- the rules are vastly improved over the 3rd Ed codex. I even know some folks who had stopped playing 40K when 5th Ed came out who plan to start SW armies now.
    But, yeah, I'm a little put off by some of the folks who are jumping on the SW bandwagon because they think its got WIN written all over it.
    To a lesser degree this happened with the current C:SM, when everyone decided that Sternguard, all-outfllanking Kahn armies, etc were the cat's. Me, I'm just going to re-work my SW to make them my squads legal with the new rules since I did lose some options on some squads. Oh yeah, I also have to 'reassign' my Exterminator to a guard regiment.

  21. I'm actually kind of nostalgic about the whole Space Wolves thing. When I first got into 40K at the beginning of 3rd edition, Wolves were the cat's meow, everyone played them, which was disappointing because I've always liked the Norse mythos, and wanted to play something different.

    I'm probably going to get the new book, but not use it until after January when the Nids hit. Because really, anyone who's paid attention has realized that the new books have had some special quirks that can play into certain playstyles, and mostly catch people off guard because it's new. But they aren't the WIN button everyone claims, people just don't know what they do, and fear the unknown. The unknown is an advantage, I should know, I play Dark Eldar and most people look at me cross eyed and ask where my seer council is. This gives me an advantage, but I still have to use good tactics to get my wins. The wolves are going to be the same, these super paper builds are great on paper, but lots of smart players are likely sitting on tactics to negate/defeat that.

    If anything, convince them NOT to prime those figures or base them, then in 3 months, you can pick up a bunch of unbased half assembled wolf kits really cheap.

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  23. Good points. I guess I'm lucky. Around here in the Baltimore area I don't see a lot of that unless people are doing a special army... like using a nid list and doing a genestealer cult and doing "counts as" for different models. But otherwise I haven't played anyone using a different list just to get better rules when there is a list already in existence for them. Sory, in my opinion that is just wrong and I probably wouldn't allow it in a game. Just how I feel.

  24. Sound pretty negative. Do as you wish but def don't judge people b/c they want something other than that shite DA book.

  25. Despite the wisdom in your words, I think you're missing the point. This happens with every codex, especially with Space Marine variants. The only difference here is that we've had a much, much longer run-up, with much, much more hype surrounding it. I'd bet my teeth that once the new Blood Angels codex hits, we're going to be looking at the same thing.

  26. Sounds like Blood Angels back at the beginning of V3. Everyone was playing BA rules regardless of what color the power armor was. For about 2 years or so, you could not build an army without figuring out how to kill a mammoth death company unit. Eventually the rest of the V3 codexes came out, the rest of us had gotten pretty good at killing the Death Company, and marine players moved onto new armies.

  27. I have a marine army I call the "Incinerators" which is painted snot green, dark angel green, and mythril silver which is supposed to be based on a Salamanders regiment that broke off long ago and thwarts the Emperor, although doesn't give in to Chaos. They used the traits that let them have a bp&ccw and 2 special weapons in the 4th edition marine codex. Then 5th edition came out and naturally, I started using Vulkan. It's a GOOD build, but I certainly put in the foot work for it. Assault marines stopped working so well with the new line of sight rules, and tac marines are terrible for CC because of the powerfist nerf, so I brought in Assault terminators to do my close combat bidding. The list is a lot of fun. My only real loss, is that I miss having a melta and flamer in the same squad.

    So, when I see the rumors about the new Space Wolves codex, I'm certainly interested in trying it out. But it isn't because the rules permit me to have a vastly superior army, it's because I can run my tac squads in a way that I want, while still bringing a Land Raider Redeemer and Land Speeders.

    I bought my marines specifically so I could run them with the chaos codex, and all the other marine codexes too so I could have variety in my lists. This was opposed to the Tau, who don't exactly have a lot of variety in army builds that can do well at social games.

    Hopefully the new Wolves codex won't be as game breaking as all the cries on the internet.

  28. I read the codex and I think it is very cool. I agree that we will see many Space Wolf lists to come in the next few weeks and that is fine with me. I have read the Dex, I have even played against a new Space Wolf army already and to be honest I am sticking with my plan to do a Deathwing army.

    While the Space Wolf book is cool and has some neat stuff, I think the Dark Angel codex does a great job for the Deathwing so that is the route I am taking.

    The way I look at it is the Space Wolves will be the flavor of the month for a bit then when the nids release they will take over as the next flavor.


  29. Yeah, I know the feeling, I've been playing Wolves for a while now and I'm torn between retiring them for the next 6 months so that I don't have to put up with everyone bitching at me because I've got wolves, and using all the toys and enjoying it so much in comparison to the last year of losing constantly due to such an old codex. As I'm terribly slow at painting and modelling, I'm unlikely to have much of an army in 6 months anyway and I think my current force will struggle to hit 1000pts.

    I don't think I'll even give someone the courtesy of a game if they are obviously just jumping bandwagon as its just such a lame thing. If you want to use the SW codex, or any other codex, at least have the courtesy to make your army in the flavour of that army. Its basic manners, otherwise your just a jerk out to spoil someones day.

  30. bG, if you are a slow painter just start painting your wolves now. I am sure 'nids have hit by the time you are done and the problems are gone. Besides I am going to laugh hard when Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Necrons hit the streets and the cries of ├╝ber gets new targets. Oh and Tau:) Etc etc etc.

  31. Everyone keeps commenting on what the wolves have gained and not what we've lost....
    Psi powers, woot woot, any rune priest or librarian still standing after my two helius landraiders have dumped everything on him desrves a chance to win.

    What we've lost is very significant in the build of my SW army. No more two power weapons, no more two plasma pistols and a plasma rifle split between 6 models. The new load out is playing havoc with my setup as the 2 weapons for 10 wolves is only good if your not based in razorbacks.

    Also the loss of heavy weapons with wolfguard is significant as you can only carry powerarmour not termies in vehicles so anyone wanting heavy weaponry is stuck to travelling on foot unless you max out on landraiders.

    Then look at the Wolf Guard split..how do you transport 10 terminators who with thunder hammers and shields are nearly double the points cost of the ones in the vanilla codex. I can no longer take 10 guard and split them 5 and 5 as two bodyguards, it has to be 5 and 5 with squads.

    Most of this only causes problems if your building a point specific army. I canned that idea with the new codex and put pen to paper and designed a company. That means assault troops, hq, rear echelon, mechanised infantry, armoured assault, support group. Then split down in each section what it would have so mechanised infantry squadron is made up of 3 razorbacks and 2 predators for support. The Support group consist of 2 long fang packs mounted in Helius Landraiders, the armoured assault is a landraider, redeemer and prometheus all full of wolf guard and greyhunters.

    Each squad has a points value and if i want to play a set number of points i just pull sqauds from the case to that value. I like armour and I pay for the privilege but its worth it when the Landraider prometheus with 4 twin linked heavy bolters drops the assault ramp after a touch of tank shockand spills out a wolf lord and bodyguard with lightning claws after the area has been lascannoned and whumped with missiles.

    Speaking to the long term wolf fans in my local store they are the same - they collect wolves not armies and the new codex just mean new toys to build and convert - and paint. Aanyone can stick a slap of yellow paint on some shoulder pads and call them wolves, but you know in six months it'll be a slap of red, a run on blood angels models and loads of cheap wolf parts on ebay

  32. I appreciate your comments on the new Space Wolves codez, Ron. I probably will not get the codex myself.

    I started my first army with Sisters of Battle. It was due to a couple things, an obscure army, it was the army of the "church", they were girl models, I enjoyed their Inquisition flavor.

  33. I've allways played the hobby for the fun of it, for the painting and the modeling, for the loudness with friends. I've never had a strong army, despite 9 years and thousands of dollars into the hobby. I barely ever game, and havn't HAD a game in over a year. I build my armies on what I like and what looks cool, and I put tons of effort into painting mine well.

  34. I wanted to play Wolves, but never had the money, since I was 8. I'm going to buy a Wolf army. I'm going to run my Chaos as Wolves, until my Wolves are painted, and ready to unleash upon the Great Hunt. I'm doing my Scythes atm too, and will build them so they can be used with any Codex I feel like - whichever one I enjoy most will be what I use. I want to win, but I want to win because I'm better than you, not because my Codex is more recent.


  35. I don't think the SW codex is particularly 'uber.' It's got some neat new characters, and it has some changes from the basic marine 'dex. Mostly, if you wanted your marines to actually put up a fight in CC, or pop out of a transport, rapid-fire and try to beat face.

    For me, I'm considering 'em because of the whole chance of maybe modeling Lone Wolves and/or Thunderwulf Cav.

    Will I try to figure out how to win with it? Yeah.

    Ironically, though, the more you switch codexes, the more you have to re-learn how your army works, re-learn how to tweak it, and re-learn how to fight others with it.

    On the other hand, I think it's probably a decent codex. Not uber, mind you, as there appear to be some balancing bits thrown in via the Wolf Guard needed for 'vet-sarge' stuff and the transport capacity.

    But, that's me, and I've been itching for a smaller, more elite army to do some serious modelling on, and the Lone Wolves and Thunderwulf Cav look like they just might have it for me.

  36. On the other hand, if you've been in wolves for a while?

    Tell them you've been loyal to your old codex. It's what the ork guys in my area did. So what if they're all "FLAVOR OF THE MONTHER!" on you. They're ill-informed.

    Codices change, pure and simple.

    I also have to point out a lot of people here are kind of making the unspoken assumption that picking up the new codex and switching to it is an invalid reason to play the army.

    I think the hobby's big enough for all of us with our motivations. At the end of the day, to make the money you spend worth it, you need to get some enjoyment out of it, and being an honest-to-russ jerk to people is just going to get them to stop playing you. If someone's a gracious winner and beating you routinely, then it's an invitation to step up your game.

    Though, I will kind of draw the line at the guy who pays someone else to build/paint his entire army. For me, that's getting a bit far out there, and making an already expensive hobby that much more.

  37. I know one of my gaming club organizers quit playing 40k during 2nd edition when the first codex (space wolves) was released. He didn't play again until 3rd edition.

  38. I'll use SW rules for my Deathwing for a bit to see how it works. Already, the idea of cheaper units with superior cyclones, Rune Priests, Grimnar's awesomeness, and Lone Wolves is mighty tempting and that's just for an all-terminator army.

    It's about winning, but more about trying new styles of play and figuring out which works for me. I wouldn't bring an all Terminator army to a tourney any time soon, regardless of Codex they're just not that good, but I've always loved the concept and having more options is always better than being stuck with one.

  39. I can tell you first hand that the new SW 'Dex is not "Auto-Win!"

    Watched/played a game the other week at the local GW at an invitational night to see the new stuff (ok so by the night of the 17th Sept. I had seen them anyway but hey). Due to poor setup and tactics the wolves got owned by a non-cohesive multi-player Ork team.Initially I had control of a couple of models but I handed them over about half way through the first turn to the rest of the team and went and talked glazes for angry looking CSM faces with another bloke. The players on the SW team were uncoordinated and used no strategy what-so-ever and it was this that decided for me to hand over to one of the younger gamers who would have otherwise missed out on playing in the first game of the night. Yeah, as has been said tactics will decide the victor over "Uber-Dex" every time.

    Am I collecting Wolves? Yeah, for a couple of reasons.
    1) To make me take the thirty Wulfen and 2xGD Wolfpriests I have in blisters out of the cupboard.
    2) I worked out a real easy way to paint them up in Pre-Heresy Colours. (more on this in later).
    3) Too many Chaos bits going to waste in the bits box, do 13th Company and they gets used on the Grey Slayers and Stormclaw Bikers.
    4) They will look cool, more than anything this is what I look for these days.
    I guess you can say I will be doing Werewolf Foot-slogging Space Vikings (@suneokun, consider this description of them stolen! ;P ).

    You may ask the following:
    Q) Is the 13th Company List Legal?
    A) Yes, technically the list has not been replaced, just the Characters section has been upgraded.
    Q) Will you win games?
    A) Hmmm probably Not; because I think by using the 13th Comp List in 5th Ed. will get me owned unless I really nail the tactics (and being out of practise gaming that could take a while).
    Q)Do I personally like the new Codex?
    A) Not so much, I will admit it is nice to see dedicated SW players get some love. On the other hand I am not crazy about some of the over the top powerful combos people come up with, but that is the norm these days.
    Q) What is my take on the new miniatures?
    A) I like the "Wolves Pack" plastics and the new Njal fig (No Njal for me tho, no Termi Armour in 13th Comp). Canis and Lukas, hmm not so much, and unless they release plastic TW Cav then alot of people will have to buy many Canis figs. The fact that the Pack sprues have a bit more in them is good but I have one objection, No Meltaguns! (/Sadface)

    How long will I take to paint them? Well I will do a few at a time between all the other work I am doing so probably about a year to finish the whole army. Although I half finished one of the GD Wolfpriests last night while waiting for the GrifSep wash to dry on the latest batch of Nova Marines I am doing under commission. Like I said I found a real easy way to paint em...

  40. Having seen the codex first hand, it is not that great. The only real problem is going to be for gunlines and other assault armies. Mech armies however will have no problems as spacewolves are not faster than any other marine army so if you have the speed to not get cornered by marines (SAIM HANN....COUGH) then you should be fine. Just watch out for incoming thunderwolf cavalry....

    BTW Jaws of the wolf world doesn't affect jetbikes or skimmers (my entire army) lol

  41. Yep jaws of the wolf may not hurt saim hann but you seen tempests wrath?
    Because that will screw you up so bad and so quick your head will spin.
    Any skimmers within 24" count as in difficult terrain.
    A pair of rune priests with that and some shooty units and it will be a toss up between how many units kill themselves and how may the enemy kills for which is higher

  42. I have decided not to take JoWW, it seems too not wolfish, more niddish or eldarish and kills the theme of my army.
    Instead I will mash in the psychic powers from EoT Dex (13th Company) for club games and take two straight out of the dex at random for tournies.

  43. lawl, i feel like a fan of the hotest sports team saying "I was a fan when they couldn't win a game." My blog is 40kwolves and they're all I've really messed with for years but I want to say here and now "I was a fan when they couldn't win a game."

  44. I'm not very old, and the space wolves have been my first true army. I began playing them about a year before the first rumors of a new codex came out and I have mixed feelings about the codex.
    Whilwe I am all for people playing the army that fits them best, I really hate to see so many people trying to build new space wolf armies. I feel like most of them just want something new and are willing to jump on the newist thing that pops up. I feel kind of cheated.
    I have yet to see someone who truely fits the spacewolves them play as them. Instead, it is just a bounch of player who want to win at all cost and will play the jankyist list to do so. I guess I am being to cynical of a game but it just dosen't feel right to me.
    I've already declined several offer to team up with fellow wolves....because the 13th company fights alone.


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