Some thoughts on an upcoming tournament

I happened to be cruising through the bulletin boards of my local game store the other night and found a post for an upcoming 40k Tournament.
Perfect, time to get a little gaming in.

I should give you a little background first.
It seems like most of the tournaments these days are 1750 points.
I only have 1500.
I have no intention of making it 1750, I like 1500 points.
I talk about it, but I'm not going to do it.
I whine about 1750 being too much and ask why not 1500 instead.

Now comes along a 1500 point tournament...
time to pony up and get playing.

I've really only ever played in one other tournament before. I used my mechanised Black Templars and ended up taking Second Place and Best Painted. I gave my prize to another player to help him with his painting.

I've since sold my Templars so I'm taking my Lustwing to this party.
Not exactly a power army, it's an all infantry force that's built to look cool more than perform well. It's my "Zero-Ten" army.
Combat effectiveness: Zero
Coolness: Ten

With the recent few posts on Sportsmanship, first by Jawaballs and then another by Pathfinder... I find myself wondering about my upcoming event.
My "skills" aren't all that good, I don't know the rules all that well and quite honestly, that doesn't bother me too much as evident with this game.
But it's still worth thinking about, Sportsmanship is important. I think I'm going to go with the intent of having a good time. I'm going to let people take things back, do things over, take short shots and all that stuff. Will I win the day, I doubt it, but that's not the point for me.

My gaming "style" has changed over the past year or so. I used to not be like this. I've become much more laid back these days and more interested in having a good time instead of winning the game.

I want to be glad that I went out for the day and spent it playing 40k instead of doing something like cutting the yard or painting the stairs.

If I win something, great. If I don't, that's ok too.
I'm just glad I won't have to spend the day doing yardwork.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Hmmm... could be fun. What do you think Ron, should I bring Guard or Wolves? Guard is painted, Wolves mainly just need basing...

  2. I agree 100% on the 1500pts. Anything more is getting to be too much.

    Good luck. We'll expect a full battle report. ;)

  3. Hudson: That's a tough one... maybe Guard. That's what I would go with.

    oni: Naturally, I'll take pictures and have a full write up following the event.

  4. Cannot wait for the report Ron, your Lustwing is way way up there in my favorite armies. Good luck with the RTT, and I agree with you that games should be fun, which is why I always have to think first before entering local tournies. Ultimately all you can do is bring cover your side of the table - bring a fun, fresh, interesting, painted army and a good attitude.

    (I do acknowledge that raw / RAW cut throat competition is appealing to some players, and that's why they play tournaments where possible. That just doesn't happen to be me.)

    - Salvage

  5. Yeah... you can kinda pick out the players ahead of time that just go for fun.... and then the ones that just go to win for their egos/prizes. My local tournament organizer advertises his games on a local forum, and you can tell when a typical powergamer/jerk player is going to be there because the question is asked: "What kind of prize support is there?". I try to avoid playing this player if he shows up, because I am a lot like you and prefer to have a beer-and-pretzel games. Just smile and have fun, but make sure to keep a close eye on the kid with the cheetoh fingers....

  6. Thanks for the heads up Ron, I'd go for broke at the local tournie. If BolsCon demonstrated one thing, its about knowing your army well and being experienced. Having a kick arse painted army helps too. After all Goatboys always bleating on about non-uber units... time to take them methinks.

  7. Good Luck Ron and anyone else who goes! Once again your Lustwing army looks fantastic, so I am sure you will pick something up.
    I have been thinking of late about going to a few local tourneys myself but I am trying to decide what I should take. I have painted 'Crons, but they arn't that pretty. I have some nice Chaos Marines, but hmm maybe not. I was thinking of finishing my Scythes or maybe a few more Guard but I can't decide. My next local is a while away so maybe I will hold a poll. Any thoughts? I just want to go have a bit of fun, no serious thought of actually winning as I am still trying to get in time to learn all of 5th Ed. Although I think there is a doubles tourney coming up soon too, maybe I can rope one of the lads from the club in.

  8. Good to hear your honest thoughts on this. I think a lot of people struggle w/competitive play and I like your attitude regarding it. (but cmon if someones shot is short, its short) ;)

  9. Good luck to you Ron and Hudson, if you decide to go that is, Have fun because after all you are just playing a game.

  10. Well Ron I will be there with my painted Tau army (hopefully). It should be a blast if I get to play ya in at least one game. A true player can never lose.

  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. I fully intend on playing to the best of my ability but more importantly, I'm going to enjoy myself.

    Salvage: Thanks, my Lustwing was a labor of love and while I could have done more to it overall, it accomplished what I wanted it to do.

    FoxPhoenix135: Unfortunately, those kind of players are everywhere. Hopefully, with the few games I'll get that day, they'll be similarly minded players as me.

    suneokun: Nothing beats knowing how to use your own army. I agree that a lot of units are discarded because players just don't take the time to use them.

    zealot: True, if it's short and obviously so... then it's short, but if it's right there... I don't usually have a problem with it.

  12. Hey, Coolness is good. Chances are you're going to lose anyway. Why not do it with style?

  13. As long as I look good while I'm getting tabled by the new kid... that's all that matters.


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