Space Hulk Deathwing Squad finished

It's just enough to play the first Space Hulk mission.

I managed to get this entire squad done yesterday. I stole a day from commission work to do a little work for myself. You can click on the image above for the larger version. If you've just found this post and you're looking to see how they were painted, I have it listed in this post here.

As I get free time between commissions and I can get my other Terminators rebased and cleaned up, I'll be adding to this "group" so that I can play additional missions and change out the guys that need to be changed out.

This is how I've always imagined Deathwing looking. Dirty, worn out guys who have perhaps the most dangerous job known. I tried to keep the colors muted and simple to help portray that. I think I managed to get just the right look to them this time. They've got the chapter colors but it's not flashy or over the top or comic book looking.

I've always imagined them very "business" looking. Not many bells and whistles as that stuff just gets you killed in some dark corner of a tunnel. Utalitarian looking, that's these guys.

I did try to add some small touches to a few of the guys for character. The Heavy Flamer Terminator has soot covering the barrels of his weapon while the Sergeant's power weapon crackles with light blue lightning (my favorite effect right now). That and the freehand chapter symbol along with some individual freehand on their combat shields.

Now to get a game or two of Space Hulk with these guys.

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  1. Ron, these are by far the best Terminators i have seen for what I imagine would be true to life. That dirty grimy look is exactly how I imagine a real fighting force. They don't have time to clean all that equipment right now, there is a fight on! Great job, look forward to more.

  2. I love the look of the sergeant's power sword! I was wanting to try the same effect on mine. Could you go through some of the steps you used on it?

  3. Lach: Thanks, I forced myself to stick with certain colors/techniques to try and convey the look I wanted.

    Wienas: Sure, Let me get something together this week. It's really easy to do and takes noe real work at all.

  4. Down and Dirty's the word ... these guys should be nicknamed the "sewer patrol...", but I guess that's Space Hulk in a nutshell.

    Great, gritty models Ron. Particularly like the 'grim' features of the Sergeant. Nice work.

  5. Ron, one of your best jobs to date. I know it sounds stange, but the minimalist approach works really great on these models. It's not so much the paintjob that I appreciate but the decision to go that route.
    Really, really cool.
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer

  6. These have got to be some of the best Deathwing I have seen to date. They actually look like they've been fighting their way through an aging hulk. Excellent job Ron!!

  7. They look really good.
    If I get to doing Deathwing I just may use this technique as well.

  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

    Wienas: I've just about got the step by step done for the sword effect. I should get it posted in the morning.

  9. I'm a little mixed on these guys. On the one hand the simple, gritty look is fantastic and I agree, it really conveys that they've been battling their entire lives and don't have the time or the need to polish their boots. On the other hand, they're something to be said for a unit full of individual heraldry (I'm looking at the dozen new Blood Angels Termis right now) and I don't get that feeling looking at your guys.

    Either way, they look great - I'm just sort of thinking out loud.


    Only joking, these look great actually! Great looking colour scheme :)

  11. I think your take on the deathwing is excellent. Most other deathwing models always seem a little too bright for the GRIM future of 40k

  12. Yes - they certainly communicate a business feeling: "we're here to sort out that little genestealer infestation problem that was reported..." Good stuff!

  13. jabberjabber: That made me laugh. I can imagine these guys showing up at the front door... "We're here to "fix the problem."

  14. Exquisite! I like the dark look a lot. The bases are so simple, but are very effective. The squad is pure awesome.


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