Simple Sergeant Telion conversion

I painted this guy up the other day as part of the Immortal Host Commission. He's in charge of the Scout squad in this post.

It took a little bit of work to get all the Ultramarine symbols off of him. He must of had at least a hundred of them things. I even missed a couple and didn't find them until after I primed him.

I ended up greenstuffing a chapter symbol on his left shoulder and filling a large gap in his right near his wrist. He had a small Ultramarine symbol on his boltgun as well but it was tough to get off so I cleaned off what I could and filled in the area with a small patch of greenstuff.

To make him stand out from the other, younger Scouts, I painted his skin tone slightly different from the rest of the guys. Not so much that he stands out, but enough that it looks like he may be a bit "older" than the others. This was easy enough to do by just changing the wash I used on his face and then making sure to pick out the details in his beard.

My Project Link: Space Marines Commission

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your experiences with converting models but keeping it simple in the comments below!


  1. I've been wanting to add Telion to my Crimson Fists for a while - any tips on getting rid of the Ultramarine icons?

  2. He looks good. The Telion model is really nice.

  3. Smion: i used an X-Acto knife to get them off. Carefully cutting them away until I got most of it off and then scraping the surfce smooth after that. The hardest one to get off is going to be the one on his left forearm. The one on the bolter may be just as hard too. On that one I used a little GS to cover my tracks.
    Just make sure to get them all be fore aseembling the model.

    oni: Thanks. You're right, it is a nice model on it's own. It's got lots of character to it.

  4. I used a file to take off the symbols - I find that the metal lends itself well to filing, better than plastic at least. I would end up in hospital if I tried using the X-Acto knife!!

    Nice paint job though Ron it's looking good!

  5. Lloyd: Probably better than using a knife like I did. I suspect I'll need to break down and buy a good set of files sometime in the near future.

  6. I got lucky with my set...turned out to be a good set even though they weren't that expensive - I still prefer using a knife on plastic though...

  7. Ron,
    A Cheaper and better alternative to GW Files is a set of Needle Files for Cleaning/Sharpening Chainsaws and Drill Bits (and also doing repairs on car parts). My set was given to me by my Dad (in 92), and he bought it in a hardware store in about '79. I think these days you can pick them up at good tool shops/hardware stores near the drill bits and files section. My pack has six different shaped files in it so you can get at everything.
    If they get clogged you can easily clean them with a small wire brush ($1 at a Discount Store).
    Hope this helps you save some cash.

  8. Da_Sub: Excellent tip, I just went and asked a friend of mine who does professional tree work and he's going to let me have a few of his old files.


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