A look at my painting style over time

No, this isn't about Terminators, it's about painting styles. I just happen to have them as examples of my painting over time.

I thought it might be neat to look at where I started and where I'm at now with my painting. It's obvious my "style" has changed over time and even more so recently with my venturing into the darker and more limited color palettes.

You can click on the image for the larger version. But just looking at the photo, you can see some things have remained consistent through time...

I pretty much stick with GW color schemes, not that imaginitive I know, but I like what they come up with so I see no need to make something new.

I try to add those extra details like icons and decals and such. I've always thought those extra "touches" really make a model.

What has changed is my use of color. I really like the dark, dirty look with models that are weathered and war torn. Very cool. I'm into different methods of painting as well like using limited palettes and certain base colors for effects. I like trying new techniques especially if they increase my painting speed.

I'm not as neat these days... at least with my own work. I'm much more forgiving and I don't have to have every single highlight perfect and in place. Now, I just get things close enough and make them look good for playing.

I like what I've got now. I'm much more into the visual feel of an army and how they look than I am the actual effectiveness on the tabletop these days. There's so much you can do with painting to create certain looks and feelings.

I'm getting to where I like to see armies painted up with character and feeling more than I like to see technically perfect work.

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