Space Hulk comparison new vs old

I spent last night finishing up the last of the Terminators for my local store's copy. And... I managed to get my hands on some Genestealer models as well, or at least the ones that had Terminator parts on them so I could paint those up too.

And then I got to thinking...
If the Space Hulk Terminators fit on the new Space Hulk board AND they fit on 40mm bases, why can't you use 40mm based termies on the new Space Hulk board? Everyone just says they don't fit though.
I'll be doing further investigation into this. Make sense to me but then again, I haven't gone through the all the game pieces.

Of the Genestealers I did get my hands on, I have to say that the scuplts are pretty cool (not as cool as the Terminators, but I may be biased) but the one thing that struck me is how fragile they are. They seem to want to fall over real easy. There's no base to them at all.

Keep in mind I haven't seen all the Genestealer models, but like I said, the ones I did see had next to nothing for a base and barely stood up on their own. Bump the table slightly and you bugs are all falling over.

If I can, I'll see how well some of the bugs fit onto 40mm bases this afternoon, I'm heading back to the store to pick up the Rulebook and Mission book. I dug up my old First Edition Space Hulk game and I want to see how close the two are.

If this latest edition is anything like what I remember playing all those years ago, I'm going to have to get a squad of Terminators together. Which leads me to the title of this post, a comparison of the two editions.

I'll be updating this post this evening with what I discover. Not the rules but what I learn as I look through both editions.

Something I forgot to add until I read the first comment by Akozz. With "facing" being such an important part of the game, I don't understand why the models are all on these crazy shaped cut outs for bases. What do you use for determining facing? The head, the gun, the stance? I mean really, you have to account for facing and it costs you to turn and face a different direction in the game.

I think I'm going to mount mine (not my game pieces, my regular termies) on 25mm square Fantasy bases. That way there is no doubt which way they face and they'll probably fit just fine. Of course I don't plan on using my Terminator squad in 40k either so it's no big deal.

Alright then, I had a little time this evening to look through the two editions of the game and they're real close to the same thing.

I've already decided that I'm using regular Termies mounted on 25mm Fantasy bases for my Space Hulk force. I've got enough lying around that I can do it and I just grabbed a bag of the squares today. Just for good measure, I got out one of the original tiles and measured how well it would fit. I don't think the new version has a different size board, so I should be in good shape and there'll be no problems determining LOS.

Speaking of LOS, it's decided by which way the model's head is facing... hmmm. I don't like that. I much prefer a simple base to help rule out any "issues."

The Missions look like exact copies.

They are new psychic rules and additional stuff for the Genestealer Broodlord but I didn't get into those.

All in all, it looks like there were only some real small changes here and there. Maybe an action point more or less to do something but all the original pitfalls look to be intact. Things like the Assault Cannon exploding, flamer running out of ammo, storm bolters jamming, etc.

I'm not going to lie, I'm really looking forward to this coming out and being able to play again.

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  1. As far as i know rules are almost the same. GW add only a few new rules, eg. "guard" status. I will also put my terminators on 40mm bases and add some industrial, space hulk basing etc. Im only afraid if 40mm bases are not to big since older terminators in SH were on 25mm bases.

  2. I'm going to find out, it's more curiosity for me than antything else.

  3. Thought I'd point out that stealers go on 25mm bases, not 40. Only the Broodlord goes on a 40mm base.

  4. Faolain: Maybe in 40k, but in SpaceHulk, none of those new models will fit on 25mm bases given the ones I painted last night. I still need to look at the rest of the Stealers though.

  5. 40mm bases do not fit, I've used my Deathwing in a game of space hulk and you have to sort of zig zag them as they're bigger than the bases.. I'm tempted to make some square bases the same size as the tiles so you can tell where they're facing.

  6. So it looks like the little bases work.
    With proper camoflauge and the careful placement of scraps I can make that work.
    The square bases are a good idea I just hope I can scrounge enough up.
    If not I'll use little round with it looks like I'm already using for my Genestealer boosters

  7. One way that you can help with determining which way they are facing is you can paint the side of the base for which way they are facing. I know that there are other games out there that facing is key to the game and you need to mark the bases to show where your facing. Just thought that might be of some assistance for the facing issue.

  8. Guys I have an idea I am going to try with mine on Friday night (when I get my hands on them!).
    Simply embed magnets into the bottom of each figure and into a base to match (just like you would the display bases for a painting comp figure you plan to also use at a tourney). To match them up easily later on etch numbers into the blank space that will be hidden where the base and fig come together with a scalpel tip or steel pin.
    If anyone wants a small tute done on this feel free to drop me an email (although I will likely type on up for the gaming club anyway)
    Hope this little tid-bit helps everyone.


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