Salvaging bits to use in conversions

This is a Guest Post by Tim

I've recently gone back to an old project this week after the completion of my Deathwing (finished photos to come shortly!), My World Eaters! I started this army last summer but then University and the Deathwing army proceeded in delaying me, I had purchased all the models by Christmas but never managed to get them painted.

I always seem to have a lot of models sitting around in boxes doing nothing, most of them from previous armies that I'm too ashamed to use/I've sold on.
This time last year I had no source of income so recycling models was big on my list, now we all know how much dreadnoughts cost, the Games Workshop model isn't the nicest, it's metal and only has one CCW arm and I wanted two! Also I wanted two Dreadnoughts!
I also didn't want to go the Forge World route, the dreadnoughts they have are nice but I wasn't so keen on purchasing two of the Khorne ones because they'd be too similar and frankly, they don't really look that "evil".

Routing around my cupboard, I managed to find TWO dreadnoughts worth of pieces. One was a plastic Marine dreadnought that had been coated in Milliput (a type of Epoxy putty, similar to Green-stuff). The other was the remains of another Marine dread and a Forgeworld Dreadnought I'd hacked up.

Both were in terrible state, one was covered on Cocktail sticks/toothpicks, the over was converted to be Nurgle. I cleaned both up as best as I could and this was the result:

As you can see they're not in the best of shape even after the clean up. I salvaged lots of parts to stick to them to make them worthy of joining my army, mainly Leman Russ tracks (which I had a lot of for some reason), cables, Kroot rifles, a power-plant from an old sentinel, more cables, spikes and who knows what else.
After lots of pinning, a few months in a box and lots of glue, almost a year after starting them I have two unique dreadnoughts!

My point of this that even if it takes a year, anything is salvageable!
It felt very strange turning a Nurgle Dreadnought back into a Khorne dreadnought...

You can see more of my World Eaters Force on my own personal Hobby site, The Vanus Temple, look out for it in the The FTW Blogger List!

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  1. they look so evil and menacing. i imagine their blades and edges to be coated in rust!

  2. Hey Tim, where did you get the bases those monsters are standing on?


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