When your family is involved in the hobby

This is a Guest Post by Jon

As I mentioned when I introduced myself, the whole family is involved in this hobby. The Deathwing terminators above were painted by my wife. After almost three years, she finally said "Matte varnish these guys before I do anything else to them!"

This was a learning project for her, she could probably duplicate these now in only a year.

This guy is a Warmachine Khador Iron Fang Pikeman painted by my son. Now if I can get him to finish painting his Orcs...

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  1. I really like those Terminators, they remind me of polar bears. Never thought that plain white would look sooo good. =) How were they shaded?

  2. Looking good, tell her they look great. Now for squad 2?

  3. The terminators really look great. I like it, when they are painted in white and not in bleached bone-colour. Really nice.
    The pikeman is nice as well. How old is your son? When I look what I have done when I was younger...I start crying.

  4. Managarm, actually they are painted in Bleached Bone -- many thin coats, shaded, highlighted, etc. Ths probably look white due to lighting. My son is 12.

    Parcival, I'll have to get back to you on how she shaded those guys, I have no idea.

    BTW, not to give too much away... the gentleman who taught them how to paint may make an appearance here in the future but I'll let Ron talk about it when the time comes :)

    -- Jon

  5. Hudson: I haven't even come up with the logo for that yet and already you're telling people about it.

  6. Well to be fair to the wife Hudson, she did get interupted with other side jobs for the boy. But then again you get side tracked from your projects by both of them so I guess it is a trickle down effect. Yours is the last to get done.

    You are right though the lighting does throw it off some.

    @ Ron: You know leaking out some of what is coming up is part of the fun for coming back.


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