Soul Drinker's Chapter Master Sarpedon

Here are the finished pics of my latest commission, Sarpedon. I think this is perhaps my most involved conversion to date and it taught me a good deal about building models.

And here's a picture with his bionic arm removed. This was one of the biggest challenges with this model... making it removeable so it could be used as a wound counter was a great idea and I knew I had to figure out how to make it work.

Here's a close up of the freehand I did on his right shoulder pad. The only places I did any "drawing" were here and on the front of his tabard.

Thanks to everyone who commented on this project as I went along, I appreciate all the support guys.

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  1. that is Awesomeosaurus! well done squire!

  2. Gorgeous work. That's going to be one extremely happy customer.

  3. That's a Golden Demon quality conversion, in my opinion. Simply fantastic.

    Also, um... it occurs to me that this means that Sarpedon never wears pants.

    I'm slightly disturbed.

  4. Techpriest is right this should be a Golden Deamon piece.
    Great modeling and painting.
    If I was the customer I would throw in a Tip.

  5. Interesting work...

    Care to share to color scheme for the skin?

  6. Fantastic work, as others have said above Golden Demon quality.

  7. Thanks guys, as far as Golden Daemon... he might be up there, but I've got some more practice before I get into that I think.

    The facial skin is Dwarf flesh, Ogryn Flesh wash, thinned Elf flesh for highlights and then Devlan mud for recessed areas (eyes, mouth).

    The legs are a dark grey with a light grey highlight, then a Leviathan Purple wash then one more light grey highlight.

  8. The freehand work on the shoulder pad and the tabard are what's getting me to jaw-drop. I've just started playing with freehanding, and that's some amazing work.

    Beyond that, I generally like the conversion. I've seen a couple that just slap a librarian upper torso on to a big plastic spider, and that It doesn't look right. This? I mean, I can tell those are monstrous creature scything talons, but you've done enough to them to make them look like they belong. I admittedly borrowed that idea for one of my Herald's conversions...

    Beyond that, I dig the psychic hood. It's just a snazzy hood, period.

    About the only thing I've got against the conversion is that it's just standing in place for something like Tigurius. I think that the best representation of it comes from the previous Chaos codex where he's got something like the 12" charge, stature, toughness, and a few other things..

  9. Hi, it's the client for the model here.

    In an ideal world, i'd have used him as a tooled up librarian from the old SM codex, with fear of the darkness to represent The Hell.

    Unfortunatly, that's not possible any more. I'm looking around for various 'donor' lists to use to represent the cold and fast style of warfare the soul drinkers excel at, while still giving Sarpedon a half-decent statline.

    I see him as able to act as a Librarian (or Tigerius) or a Chapter Master, but if anyone has any other suggestions let me know

  10. There you go guys, the plans for this guy from the boss himself.

    This model is really about what you can do with "counts as" and getting into the fluff behind a force I think.

    Visualy, it's a great looking model... any attempt at this guy should be seen as such. A model like this is such a huge departure from the "norm" that you wish there were some way to accurately represent him on the tabletop in a fair way.

  11. Truly excellent work there, I'm e-clapping you right now (not to be confused with the e-clap, which is different...:P) That's subtle enough for a PG film, I can say it here.

  12. Excellent work. I love the placement of the legs...looks like they belong instead of just there.

    The upper torso motion is great as well. Overall a great conversion!

    Have you considered the BA codex? I know it's considered trash-SM, but the Librarian (Mephiston) is pretty sweet with a wealth of abilities...+D3 attacks+ability to move like he's wearing a jet pack...and the power to use all his psychic ablities every turn+ his force weapon makes him pretty kick-butt.

    I'll admit I don't know the fluff behind Sarpedon though. Just wanted to suggest a OP Librarian type!

  13. Beautiful work here, I've been watching this whole project in the RSS feed but thought I'd show some appreciation :D.
    Keep it up :D.

  14. I dig the Soul Drinkers. Too bad Sarpedon, et al. went down without much of a escape route. I've heard rumors that Hellforged was the last Soul Drinkers novel. I hope not but I can understand why.

    One aspect I wonder about with the way Counter went is why the subplot for "recovery" from mutanthood was dropped or not touched on and exactly what happened to the psyker in the coffin Iktinos was holding.

  15. Cawshis Clay: I'm not so sure on the Blood Angel codex. Whilst i really dig the assault squad troops and death company, their librarians don't do justice to Sarpedon, not even Mephiston cuts it really, as there's only three psychic powers to choose from and using all three in a turn is all very well, but i've seen him melt his brain far too often to want to go down that route.

    The fluff behind Sarpedon is that he's a telepath that can send but can't recieve, allowing him to tear images from his mind and unleash them on his foes as visions of terror. This power's known as The Hell and can break an enemy force's resolve in a heartbeat. He's created images of deamons,rogal dorn, cleanliness (against nurgle), jungles, even gork and mork.

    I see him on the tabletop as a spreader of fear and discordance, rather than a straight-up fighter

    James: The 'recovery' from mutation was simply about trying to stop mutation from killing their gene-seed, allowing them to recruit again

    also, at the end of chapter war Iktinos returned to his 'sanctum' and the psyker was dead from suffacation whilst the Soul Drinkers away.

    I ahve a theory about the next Soul Drinkers book (If there is one). Whilst we're told that Iktinos and his men are taken into custody by Lysander, we only have Lysnader's word for that and all he knows is that he sent his men to get the Chaplain, so Iktinos could have fought his way out and go off to rescue Sarpedon

  16. Excellent work Ron!

    I've never seen a better Sarpedon
    conversion. This is really great!

  17. Thanks for the compliments guys.
    He goes out in the mail today for his trip across the pond to Khorneguy.

  18. Yes excellent conversion, beyond that I can not add in anything that anyone else hasn’t already said about this model. You have really out done yourself.

  19. Holy cow! That is amazing. The conversion, the paint job, the freehand. It's all very very good. I think this might be your best model to date.

  20. Fan-bloody-tastic.

    Well done, mate!

  21. Dittoed. Fan-bloody-tastic, Ron. Definitely worth every pretty penny that the client paid for.

  22. as far as Golden Daemon... he might be up there, but I've got some more practice before I get into that I think.
    There's truth to the old adage that there's no critic harsher than the artist himself.
    Over the years I've seen quite a number of Eavy Metal and Golden Daemon quality works online and in the "flesh".
    This fig isn't one I'd tag for a Slayer Sword or winning a category. But I could certainly see it in the finals and maybe grabbing a Bronze.
    Golden Daemon isn't just about the quality of the paint, but the overall quality of the fig. This is a strong work and you should be rightfully proud.

    @Khorneguy: Outside of the 4th ed Chaos Codex, I think the suggestion of the Blood Angels Codex was a good one. Transfixing Gaze is pretty close to The Hell.

    Of course, you could run the 5th ed Chaos Codex. Then I could see him as a Sorceror with Mount of Slaanesh and Lash of Submission, though being Fluffy about it would mean you always move the enemy AWAY from him. No Psychic Hood though.

  23. What was you paint scheme for the armor? I really love the look and I am interested in perhaps recreating with a test model at least.

  24. The Brass Monkey: Prime black, basecoat with P3 Beaten Purple. Wash with Leviathan Purple. Clean up with base color and then keep adding add a warm light grey to the base color to build up successive highlights.

  25. awsome conversion but i just wanted to k now wouldnt the inqusition kill him because of his mutation ?

  26. Chris: Most likely I would think... but I haven't read any of the books and I think they address it there.

    I'm sure somebody along the line has a problem with the spider legs, no doubt about it.

  27. whoa tis is so cool!!! what did you use for the mechanical leg?

  28. Thanks Anon, if you click on "my project link" at the bottom of the post, it will take you to all the posts about the construction of this guy, there's one on the construction of the arm specifically.

  29. nice im thinking of making a soul drinkers army. all hail Ben counter. this is the first modl ive seen without the slpped on spider body, what did you use for the legs??

  30. pancake_29: Thanks, the legs are greenstuff and Tyranid scything talons attched to a marine lower torso.

  31. Great job on the model. The conversion is sick and the paint job is nice to boot. I just picked up Chapter War and was more than 3/4ths of the way through it when you guys gave some of the ending away >:o

    O well I'll still finish it tomorrow but isnt Sarpedon supposed to have a force staff and not a blade? O and one other suggestion I know the model is finished and it looks great but one thing I think that could have made it better was adding a bit of an abdomin to it. His lower body is all legs without much weight to it.

    Congrats though love the work!

  32. Zander: Thanks. With projects like this, I build more to what my Client is looking for and what they imagine the model to look like in their head than I do anything else.

    I've never read the book myself so it was easy for me to just build what was asked for and not put my interpretation into it... right or wrong.


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