Skulltaker conversion and putting it all together

With everything assembled, it was time to start painting the different portions and get them ready for final assembly. I decided back when I started that I was going to paint this model in parts and then assemble the finished pieces. If I had assembled it first, I would have never been able to get in between all the pieces.

I didn't do anything fancy with the color scheme, just painted it up in the classic colors.
I did tons of fitting to make sure the pieces were going to go together without any problems. Sure I mocked the whole thing up in the beginning but now it was time to close up all the gaps and get everything set in place.

The last pic shows the Khorne symbol bolted to the front of the chariot and the skulls painted on the body. One of the requests my client had was to make sure the chariot did not appear to be "cobbled together." I suppose I could have hung skulls and such all over the place but I opted for a much cleaner look and painted them on. At first glance, you may even miss them, assuming they are similar to the texture on the hounds or the skin of the Skulltaker. It's not until you look closer that you see they're skulls.

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  1. The freehand on the skulls looks great!

    Really like all the work so far, can't wait to see the finished piece.


  2. the skulls would work really well on the inside of the takers cloak too, would be a pain to paint though

  3. Wow, the freehand skulls are just amazing! I also love the gold, how did you paint it? I keep doing it in different ways and it never looks the way I want it to.

  4. Fantastic progress Ron, obviously the freehand skull work is worth the biggest mention as it is absolutely brilliant!

  5. This is awesome to see Ron, and the skulls are fantastic.

  6. Thanks guys, I'll be posting the finished pics of the whole thing in the next couple days.

  7. Really enjoying getting to see how you progressed this piece Ron. The skulls on the chariot look brilliant, very fitting but not over the top, actually very understated and that makes them more effective.

  8. I've never been a huge fan of that model, but OMG... That is so freekin' superbly awesome, look at me I'm drooling. That is one hell of a conversion/scratch build, one hell of a paint job and the freehand is flat out amazing. I kid you not, this single model alone makes me want to start a demon army. Well done sir, very well done indeed.

  9. oni: I wanted to start a Daemon army too.

  10. Yes, you have out done yourself on this one Ron. Those skulls look fantastic. I think it would be very interesting to see your vision of a daemon army.

  11. Ron, you know I'm not a huge commenter but I wanted to let you know how great this has come together. The freehanded skulls really finish the piece out. Commending a job well done..


  12. Very Cool Ron,
    I really like the freehand skulls, this piece is finishing up nicely!
    I was never a Fan of the Skulltaker model, but the pose sits very dynamically in the chariot.
    On the topic of daemon armies/new armies I committed to doing a Slaanesh Daemon Army on the weekend when I swapped a Chimera for 24 of the last edition metal Daemonettes.
    Although they will have to fight it out on the table for space beside the two commish armies I am doing atm...


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