Skulltaker mounted on chariot conversion

A little while ago, I was approached about to create a Skulltaker mounted on a Chariot. What a cool idea.
This project has been a huge challenge in scratchbuilding and creating a distinct look for my friend's model while keeping it something he can actually use in game play.

From scratchbuilding the base the model sits on to the chariot itself and making the Skulltaker interchangeable between his chariot and a regular 40mm base, there are lots of little things I learned with this project.

The pic at the top of the post is just one of the pages of notes and sketches I did trying to come up with how I was going to actually build this model. Talk about making sure you have all your bases covered before beginning any work. When it comes to scratchbuilding, you really do need to think of everything.

Since this is my current project, look for updates in the coming weeks. Now I know how cool it can be to paint up a Daemon army too.

Project Link: Follow my Skulltaker project

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  1. Are you going to use Khorne Flesh Hounds to pull the chariot? It would be cool if you could get the skulltaker to have a whip. It would fit in with the Khorne theme like a bloodthirster and mush them hounds. Very excited to see what you come up with

  2. That is a very neat idea. It should be rather cool, especially with you doing the work Ron.

  3. VoidLord: No whip, he's holding his sword and the reigns are set down on the chariot body. The Skulltaker has to be playable on foot and as a mounted model so I had to be careful how many changes were made to him to make him fit one way or another.

    Besides, he's such an iconic model, the choice was made to leave him pretty much as is except for a slight head turn.

    oni: That's what I thought when I started, I don't see why there isn't a model for this guy on a chariot. It's a conversion dream to get to build one of these things.


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