Counts as Black Templar combat squad done

A few weeks ago, my FLGS (Game Vault) started the Summer escalation league. Knowing how hard it can be to keep up each week, I worked out a deal where I would give a discount to anyone in the league who needed a particular unit painted in order to keep up each week.

When I walked in the other night to pick up my mail order for an upcoming conversion, a friend of mine happened to be painting up some of his guys for his Black Templar force. Next thing I knew I had this 6 man squad to get done for him.

The color scheme was kept real simple and clean making for some sharp looking models. He chose white helmets and I ended up making the shoulder pad trim white as well to balance out the top of the models. They all have a spot of gold to unify the squad and make them stand out from the rest of the units in the force.

I actually learned a quick way to add a subtle highlight to helmet lenses while painting these guys as well. I'll get it posted in the coming days if possible. I usually just add the reflection in outer corner of the lens, but this time I added a slight glow to the lenses on the inner corners making the lenses really come to life.

I managed a quick turn around on them, squeezing them in between the last stages of my Eldar Titan project so they can hit the battlefield this week.

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  1. Pretty good Ron. The white is nice and crisp.

  2. Wow. I dunno how you did it, but you've managed to make the helmets look like Storm Troopers from Star Wars!

  3. Storm Troopers? Nuts, that's not the effect I was going for.
    At least they're nice and cleanly painted, I've got that going for me.

  4. Ach, sorry Ron...

    What was the actual effect you were going for?

    Well, of course they're definitely nice & cleanly painted; you painted them! :D

  5. I know, you didn't mean it like that.

    Honestly, I just paint what people ask me to... they pick the colors and such and I offer a little bit of opinion sometimes.


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