Spiderman inspired Techmarine conversion

Don't get me wrong, the standard Techmarine model is a nice one, very cool looking when you get right down to it.

But what if you gave him some different servo arms? Something he could really use to wreak havoc with.

What if those short, static looking, feeble arms were replaced with arms that are a bit longer, a little more dynamic and still equipped with the same deadly weaponry?

Something like our good friend Dr. Octopus has here. Now we're talking.

This is my next project. I'll be scratchbuilding a new set of servo arms for a Techmarine so he can actually destroy some stuff on the battlefield. It was a challenge but it turned out not to be as hard as I though it would.

Project Link: Follow my Techmarine project

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  1. Waaay ahead of you on this one. My Soul Drinkers Techmarine has thin tendrils with close combat weapons on the end coming out his back pack.

    It's a cool idea though and it should be interesting to see your 'professional take' on it

  2. Khorneguy: Would you believe that the moment I started this project, I found two other things similar to this... both were good, but I think this one will take it a little further.

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  4. It's a fairly common conversion and if it's anything like Sarpedon, it'll be epic.

    Any idea what you're using as a basis for the arms yet?

  5. The framework is floral wire, it's bulked out with tiny sections of plastic tubing.

  6. This sounds like a job for styrene rod and guitar string!

  7. So I'm curious are you going to cookie cut segments and then string them along a wire armature to make the Doc Ock style?

  8. Call me one of the curious.

    The big boxy mech-arms just don't LOOK scary. I haven't touched it much because I don't have call to run a techmarine, but...always curious to see a talented converter at work.

  9. Add me to the list of those looking forward to another string of fantastic modelling articles Ron!!

  10. Cyborg Trucker: Yes indeed. They'll look like the cables that run along Terminator arms just a bit bigger.

    I spent last night trying to get the arms posed just right. They need to be balanced but different enough that each one looks as though it's operating independently of the rest.

  11. Love the concept... Whenever I read about Techmarines/Ad-Mech in BL fiction, I picture the mechandrites as looking more like Doc-Oc than the arms on Tech marine.


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