FW Eldar Titan sub-assembly construction

I knew I was going to have to build this guy in sections and then assemble those as I finished them. I don't think you can build him as one whole piece.

I will say that if you aren't comfortable with pinning models, then this project isn't for you. This guy is pinned in a number of places and in some cases it's 3 pieces held together with a single pin.
But he needs the reinforcement, I couldn't imagine building him without the extra support.

First thing for me was to build the parts of the leg and the the entire leg itself followed by attaching each one to the pelvis and then the pelvis to the torso.

The arms were built independently as they're magnetized.

Building this guy taught me planning. You need to have a plan as to how you're going to put it all together BEFORE you start and then stick with it. Another thing I learned was taking my time and making sure everything fit properly before gluing. I left some things off until the very end and then assembled them once painted because it was easier to do it like that.

Building one of these things is a custom job. By that, I mean that each joint needs attention and you can't just toss him together like you do a rank and file troop. But he's worth it in the end, believe me, he's worth all the work when you see him completely assembled.

As Ron said, having a plan and sticking to it is key. I recommend a lot of dry fitting and making sure you have a good idea of how your pose will look and that it is something you like.
Changing the plan midway is not a good bet. For example, a slight change to one leg on this model could completely change how the other leg fits to the pelvis. Also, planning will allow you to do the multi-part pinning with one pin as Ron has done.
Remember, multiple pins may be needed depending on the joint. I use at least two in a rotating or ball joint to keep the part from ever breaking loose and simply rotating or spinning on your single pin. A detailed account of how I pin can also be found on my Reaver Leg Assembly blog post.
- The Inner Geek

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  1. Ron,
    Looks like it is coming along great! I know with my Revenant, pinning is vital. And with big strong pins in weight supporting spots. I also didn't finish gluing a bunch of spots in the waist, head, and back wing to help with painting and travel. I bet you had thought of that though. Can't wait to see it painted.

  2. Nice log on this guy. I don't have any of the Forgeworld Titans but I have built one from scratch out of plasticard. I would be really intimidated working on something that big that cost as much as it did. Can't wait to see it all finished up.

  3. I work with a lot of metal models and I can tell you one thing, pinning and dry fitting are things that you will do a lot of over and over again.

    Even though I am not an Eldar kind of guy I am interested in seeing this thing when it is all done.


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