Removing release agent residue from resin

After I got all the mold lines cleaned away, it was time to wash off the release agent.

After 45 minutes of warm, soapy water and a toothbrush...
everything was done and set out to dry.

This time I had to use the kitchen sink, so I did it after my Wife went to bed. I didn't want her seeing me using the new kitchen towels to lay out all the parts on. She's a good sport about lots of things but I don't want to test my luck with everything.

A toothbrush is great for getting into tight spots. I also keep a larger brush of the sort usually used for scrubbing dishes around for scrubbing larger pieces. It's definitely worth overdoing this step. I've found that even after a good wash, some parts feel slick. I think this is because some parts might come out of the mold a little more smooth than others making it hard to tell when all the release is washed off. The wife's new kitchen towels are always an option, but for those of us less brave than Ron, there are always the old bath towels.
- The Inner Geek

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  1. Probably a bit late chiming in, but I wrote an entry on my own blog yesterday about cleaning the mold release agent off of Forge World resins. Hopefully the soap and toothbrush scrub will do the trick for getting it all off, but I've heard from a number of people that it doesn't always (The Inner Geek said much to the same effect.)

    I let my own figure soak in some Simple Green overnight (along with a different pre-cast resin base and some broken pieces of an acrylic/resin wall decoration) before applying my standard scrub - no greasy feel or anything like that anywhere on the figure, and after the Simple Green soak I could actually see gobs of the solidified stuff in the deep crevices beneath his head/mask and in the recesses of his jacket.

    Just throwing out the suggestion of an additional soak in Simple Green if you find that all the release agent hasn't come off - although you'd probably need a larger tub than the large screw-top pickle jar I use to soak my own stuff.

    Painting by Tinweasel: Tip for Prepping Forge World Resin (Actually, Minis in General)

  2. I'll second what Tinweasel said, Hot soapy water just doesn't get all the release agent off. Use Simple green or Dettol, works like a charm!!

  3. Hmm, Ron? Does your wife read your blog? In that case epic fail with the towels :) Unless you jest with us :P

  4. I've bee using a good soak in Simple Green plus the scrub to remove mold release: Goes something like this: Scrub with soap and water, soak overnite in Simple Green, scrub with soap and water again, then rinse and let dry.

    It may well be overkill, but it's better than discovering after the fack that primer isn't sticking.

  5. Excellent tips guys.

    I never thought to soak the bits in simple green. To be honest, I just took my time and scrubbed them real slow and carefully. I may have been lucky this time.

    For my next 2 superheavies, I may have to adjust my technique slightly just to be sure.

    And as far as the Wife reading my blog, not really. She knows that I do this and it's my hobby but other than that... she doesn't worry about me. I try and stay under the radar when it comes to stupid husband stunts.


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