Black Templar Terminator Squad

As part of my latest commission, I've got two Space Marine forces to paint up. Part of them are Black Templar and part are a DIY Chapter, Immortal Host.
I am very fortunate to have worked with this client before and we've got a great working relationship. With the ideas he has and the creative freedom I'm given, we're able to come up with some really nice looking models.
This unit took a day to finish but they still need some static grass on their bases after they get varnished.

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  1. Awesome! That's a really scary squad with two assault cannons. I wasn't aware the BT codex allowed that.

  2. Im playing BT if you can take to assault cannons

  3. and you can give those same termies the tank hunter skill meaning against vehicles they hit even harder

  4. I'm sure this will get changed when the new Codex comes out in the future.
    I think BT's are the only ones left who can double up on the heavy weapons like this.

  5. Great stuff, I like the detail on the coat of arms on the shoulder pads, makes a nice unifying look for the unit!

  6. Thanks Pacific, I'm working on more Templars tonight.


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