Sarpedon conversion and finding the right base

Trying to figure out which size base to use can be a problem sometimes. It can be fun to go above and beyond with your modeling and make something really unique but you don't want to go overboard either.

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of great 25mm bases out there but with the larger sizes, you can express yourself a little more.

With Sarpedon, the trick was getting just the right size base so that he looked like he "fit" on there and neither portion was too big or too small... just right was what my client was looking for.

The top picture is a mock up on (over) a 40mm base... way to small. In the end, my client chose the 60mm size base that allows just enough room for the legs to fit without being cramped but not so big that it starts to affect game play.

As luck would have it, Game Vault was increasing their selection of 40k bits and I was able to pick up a 60mm resin "urban" base from Dark Art Miniatures that fit the bill perfectly.

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  1. If it is a gaming piece he may want the smaller one for distance purposes.
    But if it were me I'd go big and make him the centerpiece.

  2. I think 60mm is a good size.

    In terms of the tabletop, what is Sarpedon? My guess would be a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch (probably Warp Time and some such) but that depends on taste, I s'pose.

  3. Great progress, It's brilliant to see how well this project is coming along. As for base, I think that being a centrepiece model the larger base may be more appropriate, but as for gameplay it could affect him in a slightly negative way, especially with template weapons, but to be honest the character himself will attract a lot of fire because he is Sarpedon, so I doubt the base size will affect the result too much!

    Nice work as usual Ron!

  4. He's probably going to be 'counts as' Tigerius or a Librarian. Either that or a Chapter Master. At the moment, i'm leaning towards using him as Tigerius alongside a counts as Shrike, for a fast strike force, although I'm planning on testing all sorts of army lists, including the flexiblity of squad sizes and large amount of assault troops allowed in the chaos list, close assault-based blood angels and even maybe black templars.

    Basically, i'm going to see what plays like how i imagine the soul drinkers to be.

  5. Hey Ron,
    do you read the fluff/ novels to get inspiration or do you just go off the facts, eight legs half human half spider, when you do this sort of conversion work?

  6. The 40mm base looks crowded. 60mm Definately looks a lot better here, and that urban base is going to look awesome when finished.

  7. Dont forget his cybernetic leg :)

  8. Wow, thanks for all the comments guys... let's see here,

    I personally like the slightly larger base, he will draw lots of fire just from his looks alone so the bigger base fits him. And he's sort of a centerpiece model too.

    Raptor1313: He's the Soul Drinkers Chapter Master, that's about all I know.

    Black Matt: I didn't know this guy existed until I was contacted to create him. I don't really read the fluff either. I just go off of what I'm given as reference material.

    Ben: All these picks are for mock-up only, his torso looks much different now that it's finished. And the bionic leg is magnetised so it can be removed and double as a wound counter for the model.

  9. Nice work, Ron,

    Does anyone know of any good GW-style (i.e. angled edges) bases with a 50mm diameter, perchance?

  10. How are you doing the mechanical legs he is suppossed to have?

  11. Admiral, I wih I could find 50mm bases somewhere... I only know of 60mm.

    Gothmog: There's a whole post on just his bionic arm/leg coming up soon.

  12. damn I am reading the Soul Drinker series now and I haven't gotten to the part where he gets mechanical legs yet...

    The whole concept is pretty bad ass though and I can't wait to see what you come up with cuz I am definitely going to be making one of my own.


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