Sarpedon conversion and his upper torso

With all the issues involving the lower portion of this guy's body... it can be easy to forget the upper half. Even though he's only got two arms, you don't want to just throw something together and hope for the best.

After ordering a few key bits from TheWarStore (the head, chest plate and backpack), I dug up some suitable arms from my bits box and started to mock up a few poses for my client to pick from.

The third one down from the top, with the staff held vertical will be the final pose. I'll need to reposition the arms which will require some greenstuff work at his shoulder joints to fill in the gaps.

My Project Link: Follow my Sarpedon Conversion

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  1. nice work, he'll look awesome finished

  2. I personally like all of them except that last one. My favorite would have to be the very first one.

  3. If your going with the early Sarp. then he has the force staff, but the one in the last book has a force ax and one Bionic leg. But i want one too, the model not the bionic leg.

  4. Heh, I like the first one the most as well.

  5. Hi there, it's the client for this model.

    The first one was the original mock-up Ron sent me, but i wanted it to look more like he was actively commanding his troops, rather than the quiet authority he'd have if i'd gone for the first one.

    In answer to Barjack's comments, i want him to look as he does in Bleeding Chalice/ Crimson Tears era and he's going to have the Soulspear

  6. Thanks for stepping in Khorneguy, you're in a much better position to answer questions than I am.

  7. Oh thats just awesome then. I can't wait to see ron's take on the soulspear if his other stuff is anything to go by, then awesomeness will ensue.

  8. I like the way your Sarpedon is turning out. The body will looks perfect for mounting onto the spider legs. Patiently waiting for more awesomeness.


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