Sarpedon conversion pics and progress

Since starting this project, I've gotten tons of great feedback on him as I posted progress here. Here are a couple of pictures that weren't included in any of the previous posts.

The pic above shows the final upper torso. The left arm is repositioned and greenstuffed in place and you can see the handle of his weapon too.
The pic below is the was what I sent to my client when it came time to figure out what blades were going to be used.
The handle of the weapon is simple tubular stock wrapped in greenstuff with the texture cut into it with an X-Acto knife.

Here's what it looked like when I was trying to figure out leg placement on the lower torso. You can see the original bionic leg in there.

I ended up cutting each leg at the middle joint and repositioning them so they "fit" correctly like a spider's legs do. The pic below shows the legs positioned around the lower torso.

And here it is, already being painted. I've left the upper torso separate from the lower section so I can get into all the tight spaces.

I'll post more pics as painting continues so watch for them this week.
And for those interested... here's a parts list:

Bits that were bought:
7 tyranid scything talons
1 Bare space marine head
1 Eagle backpack
1 Company champion torso
1 60mm urban base

I also used these bits from my collection:
2 Space Marine shoulder pads (one studded)
1 arm with bolt pistol
1 arm with pointing sword
1 arm with clenched fist (cut off for fist)
2 vents from Space marine backpack
2 hydraulic arms from Landspeed
1 Dark Angel winged sword icon
1 Space Marine set of legs (with legs cut off)
1 pair of Dark Elf blades

Extra stuff includes:
Thin wires
paper clips
1/16 aluminum tubing
1 small magnet
1 small nail

My Project Link: Follow my Sarpedon Conversion

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  1. I'm thinking Games Day Chicago Golden Demon entry. You definitely have the skill, you should go for it. :)

  2. Those legs are creepy! The unpainted lower torso reminds me of a facehugger from Aliens. Very well done.

    This is gonna be such a badass model. Keep it up!

  3. Nice job Ron.

    The Landspeeder Hydrolic arms you keep mentioning are really meant to be the sight piece for the driver you fire the under slung heavy weapon on Landspeeder Tornadoes or the missiles on the Typhoon.

  4. I had just started reading the first Soul Drinkers book when you started this and I am definitely going to have to make a Sarpedon model.

    Can't wait how yours turns out.

    He's shaping up to be your best model yet (IMO)

  5. Thanks guys.

    Oni: Sadly, I do not have the abiltiy to attend to Chicago Gmaes Day. I'm not sure how well my painting would hold up either.

    HuronBH: THanks, I wasn't sure exactly what they went to, I just know they look the part and that's plenty for this modeller.

    madtroll: At least you've read the book, I had no idea what I was building when I started.

  6. Your Sarpedon is fully made of win. A balanced amalgamation of kitbash, conversions, sculptwork, dynamic posing & aesthetics.


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