My 40k sketchbook

Or as it's known in my house... The Oracle.
But that's only because my Daughter just finished watching the Matrix movies and they (her and my Wife) see me with this book all the time, making notes on stuff and looking through it for the answers.

My Wife opened it the other day and simply stated, "I don't know what a single thing is in here," and put it back down.

Somebody posted their sketchbook a while ago and I've been meaning to post mine too. You see how fast I am with keeping up with the crowd.

This is really the only way I can keep track of everything I have going on with commissions and all the cool 40k stuff I find. I try to make notes on things I want to use at some point. Maybe it's a cool basing idea or somebody does a conversion that I want to copy, whatever it is, it goes in here for later use.

I keep track of my monthly painting points too (36 points for May for those interested) and money. That way I can show my Wife that "little men" makes money and doesn't just spend it.

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  1. I think I've got a number of 40k-related doodles, but no real actual compilation. then again, I don't do nearly as much diverse conversion work as you do, so...

    The other secret to happiness I've learned is don't tell the significant other just how much you might spend or make on the hobby. They're often happier that way.

  2. I'm in the positive with money so I make sure to tell her that part.

    That way she can't get on me about it when she knows that my "hobby" paid to have the upstairs bathroom remodeled.

  3. I to have a book similar to this. Mine is mostly to keep an inventory of the models(over 4,000 at this point) I have for each unbuilt and built army, Mordheim warband, Necromunda gang, BB team, Black Library novels, etc.
    It also helps me keep track of what I still want/need(important notation there) for each army I have in process and also what I have extra and would like to sell to get new things.

  4. That is a cool idea.

    Now that I'm doing more and more custom work on my stuff, having a book like that for ideas/doodles would be great. Right now a lot of it has been done on meeting memos at work :P

  5. Wow, it even looks like you plan your meals for the week in your 40k sketchbook! That IS detailed :)

  6. You know what's funny, we can never figure out what to eat for dinner at my house... we struggle every night.

  7. I have a paint recipe note book. I find it to be a great help keep me consistent as I fritter from one project to the next. I have a serious case of the "Ooh that's Shiny" syndrome.

  8. I find cool stuff online and turn it into a PDF form so I will have it later. If I need to draw something I will (usually more of a doodle), and I have a small pile of papers downstairs because of it. I dont do notebooks though because I will en up using it for everything.


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