A huge thanks to Neal at TheWarstore

With work on my newest commission getting underway (look for a full project description and updates in the coming weeks), I decided to get a head start on it and order the bits I needed for the model.

Now I don't usually post about these kind of things since I see it as a responsibility of mine to remain impartial but I think that it's worth talking about my experience with Neal at TheWarStore.com.

I ordered a handful of bits the other day. But more importantly, I added a small note at the end of the order asking if there was any way to include an extra item that I needed but could not find. I left it at that and I hoped it would get looked into, but if not, I would continue the hunt and go elsewhere if need be. My clients like results, not excuses.

After a couple days wait (and it always seems like it takes forever when you're excited to get your stuff) my box of stuff arrived. But there was a problem... I was missing some of the bits I ordered. I only had 3 of the 4 things I ordered and one of them was short on the amount.

Minor oversight I figured. I had a problem once before and TheWarStore was able to help me out tremendously even though they had nothing to do with it and it wasn't their responsibility. So I called the number on their website. Sure enough, Neal answered the phone.

I explained my problem to him, he told me what I needed to do and he said he would take care of it.

I got an email back later that day saying my order had been shipped out. It was a form email, but at least it let me know that the issue had been taken care of.

And the waiting began again, like I said, it always feels like eternity.

Then it arrived... the little box saying "Your reinforcements have arrived!" I tore the thing open and inside I discovered all the missing pieces AND the extra stuff I requested. And no extra cost or hassle for me, Neal just took care of everything and made sure it was all right.

So, if you're looking for a place to buy bits online, I can honestly say to try out TheWarStore.com, they've been nothing but the best for me so far. I know that I'm going to go there first when it comes to getting the bits I need for my commissions. Thanks Neal.

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  1. They really are great over at the Warstore. That's where I order everything.

  2. I live in Canada, and usually don't order from the states because we get killed on exchange. But back when our dollar was doing good, we made a couple orders from thewarstore. I have to say they are the best, and one of the few reasons I haven't given up on the hobby. God knows the issues I've had with the new GW page in trying to order anything have left me buying strictly from 3rd party suppliers.

    We've made a number of other orders through thewarstore through a friend, since we are on a border town, who lives in the US to save a bit(but mostly so it arrives sooner without the customs hold).

  3. I almost always buy from thewarstore and on several occasions I've spoken directly with Neal. They're great with special requests (I've asked several times for them to try to minimize duplicate sculpts and they've done it) and are always very friendly.

  4. Xzandrate: I can see where you guys up North or those of you across the pond might have to find other places to bit order from.

    I guess I'm lucky to have them here in the US where it's all the same and I don't get killed on exchange rates.

  5. I agree that the Warstore is a great place to order. I order over 90% of my models from Neal because of the prices and quick shipping. Always had a great experience ordering from them.


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