How do you model and paint your frost blades?

This is a Guest Post by Jon

Ok, time again for that age old question, "How do you model frost blades?"

The 3rd Edition Codex states that Frost Blades are chain blades equipped with teeth of a Kraken, so I model mine using chain weapons. But they are also +1S power weapons so I need to differentiate them from plain old chain swords some how.

The usual Loyalist marine chain blades are a bit plain for my taste so I use Chaos Space Marine weapons with all of the Chaos iconography removed, So far so good, I've got fancy chain sword or chain axe. Now to convey the frostiness, I paint the teeth Mithril Silver, then apply a layer of undiluted blue ink. Next I drybrush the teeth with Ice Blue, and finish with a very light drybrush of Skull White.

So how do you guys do Frost Blades?

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  1. I've done similar using the Chaos chain weapons in the past. Mine have an icy greyish blue for the teeth.

  2. I've never done one but I think I'd give a go with classic SW colours and bone tines. That's different enough to make it stand out without having to ransack Chaos bits and go through the hassle of trimming the Chaos bling.

  3. I think that you should just leave the Chaos icons on after all Space Wolves are only a small step removed from Chaos anyways.

    But i like that idea of the painting of the frost blades.

  4. DING! DING! DING! Big Steve is the winner with the first "Well Space Wolves are really Chaos after all" comment! Wondered how long it would take :)


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