Daughter's second model wins Second place

Actually this model was painted by my Daughter and my Wife. The little one started it and got most of it finished, but the Wife picked up the last few bits to help her finish in time for a painting contest at my FLGS (Game Vault).

She took second place with this one, coming in behind another model that was painted with just as much attention but had that extra bit of freehand and such to push it to the top.

Seems like there was a bit of controversy with the voting and some folks weren't happy with the results. My Daughter wasn't mixed up in any of it, but it's unfortunate that I had to explain to her how the contest "should work" and what some people will do sometimes so that they can win contests.
Now I don't know the whole story and what happened exactly isn't the point, but I wonder what it's coming to when I have to explain the spirit of the contest to my Daughter and why she needs to act certain ways. I mean really folks, it's a painting contest for crying out loud.

Credit goes to Game Vault for putting the thing on making sure it ran as smooth as possible. I think some things are in the works for the next contest to attempt to limit these issues from coming up again.
Unbelievable really.

When she turned in her model, it was so funny to see her looking into the showcase comparing all the models and saying things like, "Look at the shading there, they missed a spot," or "Wow, I really like the highlights on that one there."

She's looking forward to the next painting contest... and I even showed her a copy of White Dwarf with the Games Day Youngblood winners to which she replied, "I can paint that good."

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  1. Ah, talented and modest! That is a helluva lot better than my second model and it's great that you're getting you're daughter and wife into the hobby... even if it is just the hobby side of things. She win anything for second place?

  2. Cathy (the owner) gave her a store tshirt which she promptly and proudly I might add, wore to school the following day.
    For as odd as it might sounds, she didn't enter looking for a prize, she just wanted to see how well she could do given her limited painting experience.
    I'm trying to teach her to stick to things when you start them and always do your best at it. When she can see that doing this works, it has a huge impact on her and how she behaves.

  3. Many congrats to your wife and daughter,

  4. Congrats to you all.

    "I'm trying to teach her to stick to things when you start them and always do your best at it."

    One of the best lessons we can teach our kids, period.

  5. Thanks guys, I'm going to show her this post later on, she enjoys seeing what all you guys have to say.

  6. Ron, the model looks great congratulations to your wife and daughter.
    I'm sure the T-shirt will be a favourite.

  7. daughter like father. GO youngblood

  8. Congratulations! That is a well deserved second place and I can only imagine what might have eeked by for first.

    I feel you (and your daughters) pain on the way contests should work. Recently my step son won first place in a Boy Scouts event based on votes... best pinewood derby car. At the next major meeting (not just a small den meeting) when trophies were to be handed out, they announced that there had been a recount and the Scout Masters son had won instead. No warning or heads up, he went there expecting to receive his trophy. Very shady, very unfair. Sorry to hijack your comments, I just wanted you and your daughter to know that you aren't alone.

  9. The Inner Geek: It can be unfortunate sometimes... that it comes to that for some people.

  10. Our next contest will be in store only paper votes - so random internet friends cannot create forum accounts and vote (which is what happened).

    In all fairness I believe Joy's and your daughter's models competed for first. Both were incredible and in mine and many others' opinions edged out the other models, though we did have a majority of very creative and well executed entries.

  11. Charles: My Daughter knew there were a lot of great entries and she kinda had an idea that she was going to be edged out by the other one.
    And she was/is okay with that. She knows the time involved and the work put into the models to get them like that and she apppreciates that. She was suprisingly objective when it came to looking at all the entrants and who did what to their models.

  12. It's a paint-job to be proud of! I hope my future youngblood(s) paint as well as that ;)

  13. Impressive!

    Congratulations :) Serveral times better than my models so far!


    Regards from Germany,


  14. I think it's awesome (her painting and your parenting). I have a couple of sprues of FireWarriors that could use some attention if your daughter isn't busy... Great Job!

  15. She's not taking commissions just yet... she doesn't want to get "burned out" according to her.


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