Reaver Titan gun banners finished

I was able to finish the last two banners that go on The Inner Geek's Reaver Titan this last week. These are much simpler, but carry the same colors and theme as the center banner.
It gives them a unified look and they fit with the overall color scheme of the Titan... and it makes it look like this thing has killed hundreds of bad guys too.

My Project Link: Follow my Reaver Titan banner project

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  1. These are amazing Ron, seriously. Now forgive me if I missed this in one of the previous posts, but what kind of paper did you do these on? It seems like a great idea way to do banners that I certainly will have to try in the eventuality that I get a titan (or if my plans with Alex go through and we build a Warlord this summer).

  2. These are on simple posterboard. There are a few more steps to the process in the tutorial but other than that, it's just your basic posterboard.

  3. Absolutely astounding, Ron. Your work never ceases to amaze. :)

  4. Brilliant work Ron, I especially like that you haven't filled the entire length of the banner with kill markings, which means there is plenty more room for death! Really nicely painted

  5. Thanks.
    I'm going to post the back of the torso banner once I get it touched up, while not as dramatic as the front, I like it more since it's a little history for the Titan.

    I actually used one of The Inner Geek's pics of his model as reference for the image. Look for that post soon.


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