Titan banners started and thrown away

Putting the finishing touches on my Space Marine commission means it's time to get into my next project. I mentioned it a while back and now work is well underway.

I've got three banners to do for The Inner Geek's Titan. I've decided to get the two arm ones done first as they don't have quite the detail that the center banner is going to have.

The pictures are a bit dark, and in reality the actual banners may be a bit too dark as well. I think I may reowrk them as I don't think they will match up with the Inner Geek's work as well as they should. One look at the amazing work he's done on his Titan and I know I'm off.

The redone banners can be seen here.

My Project Link: Follow my Reaver Titan banner project

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  1. This is why I trust you to do my banners. I know you will make sure they are right! Thanks for all your hard work, Ron.

  2. Your freehand skills are simply amazing sir, I really do envy you for that!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product (as I'm sure the Inner Geek is too!).

  3. Inner Geek: Thanks, I took one look at them last night and there's only one thing to do...
    The way I look at it, I have to want to use them on my models and have them match just as well before I send them out to someone else.

    Sovietspace: Thanks, the finshed ones one will look better than these, especially with the colors.


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