Sarpedon conversion and getting the concept

When I start a new commission, it usually takes a few emails tons of emails back and forth to make sure I know what I'm doing for my client. Most of the time, it'a quick explanation with an attached photo and I'm off to work.

In the case where I get something like this, it's a little more involved. I've found that my clients have a real good idea of what they want and it's just a matter of covering all the details and making sure nothing is missed.

With Sarpedon, it took a few emails back and forth before I knew exactly how my client wanted the transition from the upper human torso into the lower spider portion with 8 legs. Once that was figured out, we moved onto how the armour was going to match that transition. Above is one of the sketches I sent him with a possibility.

Here's what came back to me, a few changes to the body and we're in business. Another part of this one was getting Sarpedon's weapon "correct." Not just in size, but shape and overall feel as it relates to the model.

Everyone has their own vision of how things should look, it's my job to make their model look like what they imagine it should.

My Project Link: Follow my Sarpedon Conversion

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  1. Awesome stuff, can't wait to see this project unfold. I'm sure you are aware but just wanted to make sure - I think one of Sarpedon's legs are mechanical!

  2. You're absolutely right, I ended up scrapping my first attempt entirely and rebuilding it today.

    Like Junkyard Wars for those who know that show, I was scouring all of my bits to build that arm. I must say, the second attempt is 100 percent better though.

  3. This could come in useful. Especially as you can buy the legs separately.

  4. I'm really looking forward to this project, I always wanted to to Sarpedon myself!

    Just one thing: I never read that Sarpedon has a "spider-body", in the books it's always about "spider-legs".
    Maybe those legs just come out straight from his torso? Ok, that would look kinda crappy I guess... ^^

  5. Wayne: Thanks for the link.

    n00byfied: I'll be adding updates soon, I'm going to squeeze in one small side project and then get back to this guy.


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