My Daughter's second model and contest entry

Here it is, my Daughter's second model. Actually, this one was done by her and my Wife, they both worked on it together so it would be done in time for the contest.

My FLGS, Game Vault is holding a painting contest where you have to paint a female figure. Wanting to see just how well she could do, my Daughter decided to get in on this one. Combined with my Wife, they have about 10 plus hours in one this one.

Keep in mind, I didn't paint this, all I did was talk her through the techniques and explain the concpets like "shade the valleys" and "highlight the hills." That and I had to thin the paint down for her to use.

Voting starts tomorrow and she's excited to see how it turns out.
UPDATE: She won second place, post here.

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  1. Awsome job, better build a trophy wall, shes gonna be bringing them in with those skills.

  2. Ha, this is amazing. Looks like she's surpassed my shadeing abilities of 10 years in a few weeks :P Damn your genes!! Tell her to keep it up.

  3. very good! my girlfriend is painting a bretonnian knight at the minute, her 1st model. I'll be posting on it when she's done. Iv basically only given her the tips that you did for your daughter and a whole lot of encouragement!
    great work by the young lady though
    Craig @ cadian8th

  4. O.o Awesome model! The blending is great, your daughter and wife really have a knack for this stuff- they get it from you I assume ;)

  5. They don't get it from me, I just explain to them what it is that I do with my models but I use real simple terms and try to relate it to her so she "gets it." Lots of visual aids and hand gestures.

    I'm thinking I might have to convince the Wife to clear a little space off of a shelf somewhere in the family room to put these up on display.

  6. Nice work indeed! She's going to start snagging daddies commissions!

  7. Ron,

    I think it's amazing that your whole family can enjoy this aspect of the hobby.

    Both your wife and daughter have turned out some nice models (looking back through the other posts).

    They should feel very proud of themselves.

    Well done, and thanks for sharing.


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