And now my Daughter paints models too

That's right, after seeing the Wife paint up the Dwarf model, my Daughter wanted to get in on this too.

She's 12 years old.

She did the entire model all by herself and even need less pointers than the Wife. Took her just over 2 hours (she had to wait for paint to dry).

She decided that he needed a "big rock" because he wouldn't just be out in a field and the blood on the spear was her idea too. That way he didn't look like he was "just from the factory" as she explained it.

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  1. your family is awesome, much more painting talent than I have lol.

  2. Kick us while we're down, why don'tcha!

  3. Superb stuff! You must be very proud :)

  4. Ah-ha! Now we all know HOW you get your commissions done! Family-intensive labor! J/k, and glad to see you get some quality time with the family while spending time doing the hobby.

  5. Oh dear, those highlights are really top notch. Sure looks better than my first stuff. >>

  6. Heck, I didn't even highlight stuff on my first model and I was still dead proud of it :P

  7. Very nice. With the whole family involved you should have the Fantasy box set done in no time! Or at least you could.

  8. I have to say I am really proud of her sticking with it to the end and making sure to paint him completely.
    Too often today, kids get started on something and then quit after a few minutes or they're not interested unless they're being bombarded with something new every few seconds (like tv and video games).
    She was determined to make him look just as good as Mom's Dwarf...if not better.
    And the real kicker is, I heard them swapping painting tips afterwards. Now there's a discussion I never thought I would overhear in my house in my lifetime.

  9. Your household mini's bill is going to go through the roof mate!

    It's a nice model, tell her everyone thinks she's done really well for a young blood.

  10. Ron, will you adopt me into your family of awesomeness? :D

  11. see? Having kids and wife be part of it is really quite awesome. I have been posting about kids and warhammer for a while now and I love playing with them.
    Great job Ron

  12. Mike: I'm not going to lie, I've always been jealous of you guys who have that (especially when you post about your kids). It really is amazing and it has nothing to do with the hobby. It's just spending time together.

    My Daughter asked me if she could paint and not worry about the rules or having to play the game. I told her that's perfectly fine, people do it all the time.
    She said she wants to enter a contest.

  13. So awesome.

  14. I love the amount of blood she used. Just a little dab, good enough to show hes seen some action, but not enough to overpower it. I find way too many people overdo gore.

    Definately a great start, looks like you'll have to start a Family Figure Fund soon.


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