Alternative Space Wolf heads

This is a Guest Post by Jon

The current SW upgrade sprues have some nice heads, but when you see Sven, Olaf and Ule and their brothers in a couple of different squads, you need to find some alternatives. Plus, the current ones lack beards and everyone knows that Space Wolves are "beardy" right?

These are some Wolf Scouts that I made up using the Space Marine Scout Box and Chaos Marauder Horsemen heads (and one Empire head) along with some other Space Marine and Catachan bits to get the appropriate weapon load-out.

Warhammer fantasy has some great heads that can be used for heads: Empire Knights, Chaos Marauders, and of course the Marauder Horsemen. I'm hoping that the new SW Accessory sprues will give us some more new heads and a bit more variety.

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  1. Jon: After seeing these the other night at the store, there's no way I would use "regular" heads if were going to start a Space Wolf force.
    They fit perfectly with how I imagine Wolves to look.

  2. Yeah, I came to this conclusion the minute I saw the new Marauder horsemen. I'll be using some on my new SW army.


  3. Seems good in theory but the picture is too small to see any details, looking forward to the new Dex?

    And maybe you'll want to sign it off as Ron and Jon respectivley

  4. Peter: Good point, that might help people keep us straightened out when we post.
    Thanks for the idea.

  5. Good work Ron! Post some bigger pictures as well.
    I have also bought the Marauder horsemen kit and I will be using some of the heads on Wolf Guard terminators. Also there are a lot of axes in the kit, which with some modification they can make excellent power weapons.

  6. Spooky: These Wolves belong to Jon. One day, I might put together a Space Wolf army but until then, I'm going to have to live through seeing Jon's work like everyone else.

  7. Sorry about the small size of the pics and lighting, I'm still working on the whole photography thing :) For terminators, I've mostly used Empire heads -- the marauders have to get haircuts to fit.

  8. Sorry Jon!
    It's true that some Marauder heads don't fit in the termie armour. Which kit from the empire have you used?

  9. The Empire Knights kit has parts for the "Knights of the White Wolf" -- Melta-guy in the pics is one of them


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