Measuring out banners for an Imperial titan

I got the mock-ups the other day from The Inner Geek for his Titan. I had to draw them over myself and add a few things so that I can make them double sided as opposed to a regular banner.

It's a slightly different process making a double sided banner. A little more difficult but well worth the result in the end.

If you haven't looked at his project yet, check it out, he's done a great job cataloging his progress for anyone interested in seeing what it's like to build one of these.

My Project Link: Follow my Reaver Titan banner project

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  1. Awesome, once I heard the banner idea on The Inner Geek's blog I innediately new you would be part of it! Are these going to be the biggest banners you have worked with to date?

  2. 73rd: Yep. The only thing close was a double sided banner for a friend's Ravenwing (Sammael) a long time ago.

    I'll be posting more updates as they progress. As soon as I get the measurements exact, it's onto the painting department.


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