Imperial Guard, sledgehammer of the Imperium

There's a ton of stuff about Imperial Guard out there. More than any one person could keep track of. Here are a few things from FTW Blogger Group members that might help you with getting to grips with the new Imperial Guard.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to field them or defeat them in combat, from modeling to painting, there's bound to be something here to help.

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Banner poles, a quick conversion idea by Cadian 127th Regiment
Basilisk/Griffon project by Admiral Drax
Cadians and making them go further by Pathfinder
Catachans into Cadians by Santa Cruz Warhammer
Epaulettes by Col. Gravis' Praetorian Imperial Guard
Female Commissar sculpt by 42nd Cadian
Flag (done in Photoshop) for download by Exponent Wargames
Flamer to Meltagun (Vostroyans) by The Path of the Outcast
Halftrack conversion by The Sabre and Dice
Hardened Vets by Admiral Drax
Heavy Weapon Team bases by FoxPhoenix's 40k
Helghast Snipers and Grunts by Not Yet Done
Infantry greenstuff conversions by Dei Greci
Infantry head swap conversion Part 1, Part 2 by 313th DTR
Lasguns and Rucksacks by 313th
Mordian Style caps by Col. Gravis' Praetorian Guard
Objective markers (Guard themed) by Admiral Drax
Ogryns and Rough Rider conversions by Pathfinder
Ogryns from their Fantasy counterparts Part 1
Ogryns Part 2 with Catachans by Pathfinder
Ogryns Part 3 with Mounted Commissar by Pathfinder
Pith Helmets by Col. Gravis' Praetorian Imperial Guard
Plasma Gunner by Col. Gravis' Praetorian Imperial Guard
Scratchbuild: Airborne Assault Carrier by Dei Greci
Scratchbuild: Bridgelayer by Dei Greci
Scratchbuild: Heavy Weapons carrier by Dei Greci
Scratchbuild: Air Defense vehicle by Dei Greci
Scratchbuild: Basilisk by 313th DTR
Scratchbuild: Malcador by 313th DTR
Scrathcbuild: Valdor by 313th DTR
Scrathcbuild: Chimera by 313th DTR
Sentinel Kit with sprue pics Part 1,Part 2 by John's Toy Soldiers
Special Charaters by Pathfinder
Valhallans: Casting parts of models by Terran Forge
Valkyrie model pics by John's Toy Soldiers
Vehicle conversion: Chimera Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 by Cadian 8th
Vehicle conversion: Valkyrie to Vendetta by Battlebarge
Vehicle conversion: Wyvern by Admiral Drax
Vehicle conversion: Salamanders and Hellhounds by Admiral Drax
Vehicle Conversion: Shadowsword Variants by Weemen
Vehicle Conversion: Substitutes for Tauros Venator by For The Throne
Veterans: A complete guide by 42nd Cadian
Veteran Squad by A World in Miniature
Weapon conversions by The Manufactorum

Baneblade by Chicago Terrain Factory
Cadian Standard Bearer by Cadian 8th
Camouflage painting method by Santa Cruz Warhammer
Gunnery Sergeant Harker by Battlebarge
Inquisitorial Stormtrooper by Templar Vanquish
Karl's Crusaders, an IG army Gallery by Chicago Terrain Factory
Mechanised army pics by Admiral Drax
Painting a Baneblade by Exponent Wargames
Painting Elysian D-99 Veterans by Heroes of Armageddon
Painting Tanks using silly putty by Mordian 95th Rifles
Painting temperate camouflage by Admiral Drax
Sentinel by Byzantum Empire
Sentinels and nose art by Admiral Drax
Sniper unit by Admiral Drax
Steel Legion by Heroes of Armageddon
Stubby the Carnifex by Chicago Terrain Factory
Valhallans: Painted Troop by Terran Forge
Valhallans: Painted Senior Officer by Terran Forge
Vox Caster Troopers by Cadian 8th

Codex Tidbits:
Codex pics and thoughts by John's Toy Soldiers
Codex thoughts on the rank and file Guardsman by Terran Forge
Codex thoughts and ideas by 42nd Cadian
Desperado Rule by John's Toy Soldiers

Tactics and Playing:
Army list: 2000 points Heavy Infantry by Sepulchre of Heroes
Army List: 2000 points Death Korps of Krieg Siege Army by Sepulchre of Heroes
Army List: 2000 points Death Korps of Krieg Line Breakers by Sepulchre of Heroes
Army List: Fluffy Valhalans list at 2000pts with 5ed IG Codex by Terran Forge
Army List: Light Infantry going the way of the Dodo by The Back 40k
Army List: Old vs. New Codex builds by The Back 40k
Chimera: Some thoughts on this workhorse by Admiral Drax
Commissars and their new role by Pathfinder
Defending Catachans or why I love Catachans by Pathfinder
Demolisher Tactics by FoxPhoenix's 40k
First game with new IG Codex by Terran Forge
Force Organization chart by Admiral Drax
Guard: Cities of Death tactics by Foxphoenix's 40k
Guard: How I play them by Legio Minimus
Guard: Strengths and weaknesses, a review by Pathfinder
Hellhound review by Sepulchre of Heroes
The Humble Guardsman by Exponent Wargames
The demise of Rough Riders Part 1, Part 2 by Pathfinder
The potential Ogryn by Pathfinder
Thoughts on the new Imperial Guard by Dawn Crusaders Chronicles
Why Imperial Guard tanks are the best by Pathfinder
Why it's good to lose games by The Back 40k
Tactics: How to beat Guard by Admiral Drax
Tactics: Fielding Light Infantry by Admiral Drax
Tactics: Hellhounds by Pathfinder
Tactics: Sentinels (Armoured) by Defending Humanity
Tactics: Sentinels by Pathfinder
Tactics: Special Weapons by Pathfinder

Unofficial rules and scenarios:
Datasheet: Imperial Guard High Command HQ Group by Sepulcher of Heroes
Special Character: Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium by Pathfinder
Special Characters: Nork and Nark by Pathfinder
Special Character: Staff Sergeant Hagard Monk by Pathfinder

Background and Fiction:
Hagard Monk of the Kochi 20th Light Infantry by Pathfinder
Hagard Monk: Snow Patrol Chapter 1 by Pathfinder
Hagard Monk: Snow Patrol Chapter 2 by Pathfinder
Hagard Monk: Snow Patrol Chapter 3 by Pathfinder

Some Downloads:
40 Counters and Markers by Ron Saikowski (FTW)
5ED Infantryman's Guide to Armour by Ron Saikowski (FTW)
GW Armoured Company Army List
GW Armoured Company Vehicles

And just for fun:
Regimental Mascot by Admiral Drax

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!


  1. I'm hoping the Guard will be able to purchase fortifications as part of the new codex. Slim hope I think but it would fit in with their lore so well. Mmmm trench warfare :)

  2. Holy Mo!
    That's a huge list of articles :)
    Great resource - this will sweeten some of my long and boring office days, simply digesting everything.
    Thanks Ron, thanks all.

  3. Sledgehammer of a post - Great work Ron.

  4. great stuff. you've created a fantastic reference list!
    Cant email at the moment but please add my Jerran Kell onto your painting list, its not a full tutorial as I didnt have the camera for most of the time but its well explained. also Im working on a chimera varient (I've done pt 1 and 2 but 3 wil follow).
    Jerran Kell is Thanks! Craig @

  5. Also one for Vox's if anyone is interested?

    Craig @ cadian8th

  6. Thanks guys, this is your stuff though. You all are the ones making this what it is.

    The members of the FTW Blogger Group have tons of great hobby material... on all kinds of topics. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Kings Standard Bearer: Both links added, thanks!

  7. Thank you Ron, the power of FTW is awesome, since you posted those for me I have 3 more followers!

    I highly reccommend everyone sends their IG links to FTW!

    Craig @ cadian8th

  8. thanks Ron. found a few articles that really peaked my interest.

  9. Hrrmm... not seeing my armored sentinel tactica in here.

    No worries- if you need the link again, here it is:

  10. Thanks for letting me know Max, the offending party has been sent to "remedial training."
    Sorry about that.


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