Saim-Hann Warlock test model started

I started my first Warlock last night. These guys are going to take considerably longer to build than the regular bikers. Great, so much for progress.

Now I remember why I hate metal minis so much. I had to greenstuff a small gap in his right shoulder so his arm would be a little more supported. Thank goodness there's only 7 of these guys to build.

Look for the painting update on this guy in the coming days.

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  1. I like the look of this guy.

    Is that an old metal Guardian model?

  2. Wienas: Honestly, I don't have a clue. He's one of the metal bits that come with the box of Shining Spears. I'm just happy there's an arm in there with a "power sword."

    There's a whole bunch of torsos, arms and legs to make the Shining Spear guys I'm guessing. Of course you get the plastic jetbike rider on the sprue too.

    I can tell you he was a royal pain to put together though.

  3. I'm guessing the extra work will be worth it though. At least judging by Fritz's blogs and the way his warlocks seem to perform!

  4. Are we going to get a preview of what this list will look like? I'm very curious to compare yours to the list i'm working on right now (seer council, lots of bikes and prisms)

  5. Even if they don't do as well as Fritz can work their magic... they'll look drop dead sexy on the tabletop.

    And really, if you're going to lose, you might as well look good doing it.

    I'm going to post a pic of my finished Vyper squad soon. I think army overall will look pretty good once finished but I'm worried about the time these Warlocks are going to take. Even with the simple paint scheme.

  6. That is an excellent looking model, i'm sure they will be welll worth the extra work in the end.

  7. whoo you have a lot of moneys Ron. I'm just going to special order the 2 shining spear riders without the exarch (is loads cheaper). But he is looking pretty good. I'm personnally going to use the Dire Avenger Exarch arms they seem a lot more dynamic. But is time is an issue this is a great alternative.

    so Good luck and we will be awaiting the painting progress.

    Cheers CJ


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