Painting and attaching Eldar vehicle canopies

After seeing the short poll on Path of the Exodite the other day, I got started thinking about how I do the canopies on my Saim-Hann Vypers.

Not wanting to mess up the "glass," I painted them separate from the model and then attached them with a tiny drop of superglue after I'd already spray varnished the model and it was ready to use.

To make them blend in more, I did a little bit of highlighting so the canopy frame matched the body of the Vyper once it was glued in place.

UPDATE: Turns out it's better to attach clear plastic pieces like this using regular white (PVA) glue so that the superglue doesn't react with any chemicals on the clear plastic creating unsightly marks.

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  1. What a canopy, it looks great, my only concern is if the superglue vapors didn't foul the canopy.

  2. That is a nice canopy for sure. I always have fits painting them without getting paint on the clear bits. I too would be concerned about super glue vapors, but if yours is working, I'd say keep using it!

  3. Nive canopy. I never put oen of these together so is the canpoy "glass" parts one peice that glues to the frame or several parts?

  4. Sweet canopy, if you give your canopy's a green wash (thraka green several times) Then it makes them look cool but any other wash working too (hope this is what you were wanting).

  5. Thanks guys.

    I was concerned about the super glue vapors as well. To prevent them from fouling the inside of the glass, here' what I did.

    First, clean the canopy really well. Then I stuck it to my painting pot with some tack so I didn't get any fingerprints on it while painting.

    When I was done painting, I carefully lifted it off (only touching the edges) and test fit it on the Vyper.

    Once I knew where it was going to touch the Vyper, I dropped it out and added a couple small drops of superglue. Then I carefully set the glass back in place and it was finished.

    With no finger prints (or oils from your skin) to react with the superglue, I haven't had any problems... yet.

    In any areas where the superglue shows becaues of it's glossy nature when dry, I just gave those spots a thin wash of red to make them flat in appearance and you can't tell anymore.

  6. When doing this kind of work you should use BSI gold label super glue. You can get it at some local area stores, here is a link to a pick.

    It is a type of super glue that dries clear, is foam safe (does not melt foam), and is completely odorless. I use it for fixing models that break, any gluing needs that arise after painting, and attaching clear components.


  7. Hey, thanks for the quick plug. I've still got my poll up but I definately like how yours have turned out.

  8. Akenseth: That's why I figured I'd post, get people to talk about it and maybe get some more discussion going on it.

    Toss in a link and next thing you know... the perfect solution comes along.

  9. I came over to 40k and WFB from the dark side of military & aircraft modeling (1/35th & 1/48 scale respectfully) and in that dark realm the common glue to attach canopies or clear windshields is to use Elmers or pva glue. It dries clear, is easy to clean up, and will not craze your glass. To clean any overspill, you just need some water and a q-tip. Just another alternitive... :)

  10. Anon: What a simple and great idea... white glue.
    Thanks for the tip.

  11. what I learned from the aircraft modellers was another use of my favorite Future Floor polish.

    it makes the polystyrene look like glass. it's really cool.

    here's a link for some more info on making the glass pop:

    The future straight out of the bottle even removed superglue thumbprints from one Immolator canopy for me.

  12. Farmpunk: I've seen this before when looking for stuff on Future.

    Thanks for the link, I forgot all about it.

  13. Man your stuff looks amazing. All of it really. Some people (like myself) have some minis that look good and other that are eh. But your mate are always top notch!


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