Saim-Hann jetbike Warlocks almost done

So it's painfully obvious to me that even though this guy is finished, he needs some kind of "black" on the jetbike body to balance out the black on the canopy.

I sat down last night and started playing with some ideas and came up with this...

I've got to come up with just the right pattern in just the right place to make the bike look "right."

Thoughts or suggestions anyone?
I only get one chance to paint this the right way.

UPDATE: A possible solution.

Chris over at Pit of the Oni did a quick mockup of this idea and now that CJ has also mentioned something similar in his comment, this might be the way to go.

It's clean and adds enough black to balance out the bike overall I think. I need to be careful what kind of designs I add because I want to keep with the pattern I've already established. I know these might seem like self-imposed rules but it's really nothing more than looking at them now and getting a "visual feel."

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