Planetstrike, getting ready for the assault

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Let's see if we can help each other fend off the new waves of planetary invaders. I'll be adding all the links to a section in the right hand column as they come in.

Book review and thoughts 1
Book review and thoughts 2
Book review and thoughts 3
Book review and thoughts 4
Book and new terrain pieces review

Gaming: How NOT to play Planetstrike
Gaming: Defensive Strategies
Gaming: The role of Defender

Deamons: Planetstrike thoughts
Eldar: Planetstrike forces
Eldar: Planetstrike force for fun
Tau: My dream Planetstrike force
Tyranid: Defensive List

Battle Report: My first game of Planetstrike
Battle Report: First game of Planetstrike

Terrain: Bastion and Aegis Defense Lines sprues
Terrain: Painting the Imperial Bastion
Terrain: Skyshield landing pad sprues
Terrain: Flaktower conversion
Terrain: Quantum Gothic Terrain Co.

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  1. I know this is off topic, but I couldnt find an email on here. Just wanted to say thanks for linking to me :)


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