White Scars multimelta attack bike

So I finally finished my first multimelta attack bike (one of two). A bit more work than a regular biker but not as tough as I thought it was going to be in the end.

I added the lightning bolt to the side car wheel cover as a way of marking which attack bike is which. The second one is going to have a skull.

Link: Follow my White Scars Doublewing project

white Scar space marine closeup

Since this post is quite old now... I've been able to refine my "white" and have a much quicker process for painting models white.
The new technique is here.

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  1. Great work on the white, as always!

    Out of curiosity, why is the rider's flesh grey? He kinda looks Tau-ish. :p

  2. Awesome job as always. You are a braver soul then I painting all that white. The barrel of the multi-melta looks very nice also.

  3. Tupping lovely, your white is so smooth and flawless looking. Do you just work up through grey or do you prime white?

  4. eek: I have no real reason for the skin color other than I like the way it looks. The regular "flesh" color has just gotten old for me. I like the light brue-grey color and it's not something you see often.
    He does look kinda "Tau-ish" now that you mention it though.

    oni: The white is going to be the death of me. It takes so long to do but in the end it's worth it. Now I know why you don't see white armies.

    Vredesbyrd: Thanks, I work up through a middle value grey (the color left between the plates).

  5. Great looking piece. Nice work, Ron!

  6. So how close are you to 1200 points with your white scars? maybe we can get em to bash against my orks for our first game @ the store :)

  7. Thanks Equinox.

    Zealot: I've got 1500 points, just not all of it painted yet. I've got most of the terminators still left ot finish. I can come up with 1200 points easily if you don't mind just assembled models for now.

  8. Excellent painting, if it plays as good as it looks that multi-melta will cause some damage on the table.

  9. Beautiful bike.

    Also perplexed by the Tau skin color but its well done regardless.

  10. Very nice finished product - looks awesome :)

  11. bike and side car how great can you get, i mean if it is as good on the battle feild than how it looks im getting 4.weve got a real life bike and side car and i bet that would look better with a multi melta onit . i paint my men white scars and i dont think you could go wrong with a white scars attack bike with a multi melta, the opposing side should be afraid espeically if there orks, when your battling them with the masters of hit an run themselfs with 2 or 3 attack bikes dont stand a chance.

  12. Jack: He's more of a pale blue. I was experimenting with different skin tones on models and wanted to see what I could come up with other than "flesh."

    I wish I had a better, more cool answer for you.


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