Thanks to The Warstore for the bits

Just got my order from The Warstore today (I placed my order 2 days ago). Sometimes it can be hit or misss if they've got the specific bit in stock but if they don't, they're quick to get it and quick to ship it out.

Now I just need to magnetize all 27 jetbike bases.

Link: Follow my Saim-Hann army project

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  1. Lol easier said then done eh? are you using the fritz tactic for magnetizing them or your way (with the pen lid? was that you?)
    have you finished assembling all the jetbikes yet? and when are we going to get to see you list, also how many questions are allowed in one comment? :P

  2. Magnets are fun! But the fun will probably only last through the first fifteen or so. Still, they will make your Jetbikes much more survivable in an army case!

  3. Peter: The pen idea was mine. I have one squad just about done right now. Pics to come...

    The Inner Geek: The fun wore off while I was building the test base. Now all that's left is mindless work.

  4. I just had an idea that i might try for my jetbikes, mount them on springs! that means you can compact them down for easy storage wahaddyah think?

  5. Honestly, I think the bikes would be a little too fragile for a spring.

    It would give them a bobblehead look too, not realy awe inspiring to see them bouncing back and forth. Might not instill as much fear in the enemy as you want.


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