Lots of small plastic jetbike flying stands

I know it goes against conventional wisdom and I know all the pitfalls, but I'm not going to magnetize my jetbikes to their bases.

The only reason I have is that I don't like the way they look. There's just something about that all clear, tiny plastic stand that just "fits" with the feel of the jetbike for me. This looks better to me.

As a side note, I've just got some finishing touches on the last guy for the first 10 man squad.

Link: Follow my Saim-Hann army project

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  1. You've done a great job to crank out a whole unit of 10 brilliant-looking jetbikes in such a short amount of time! Seriously, they look splendid.

  2. You should have a look at the Battlefront (FoW) rare earth magnets next time we get them in. They are about 1/10th - or maybe smaller - than the smallest magnets you can get at Michaels. A pair of them are pretty strong and are very difficult to see.

  3. Looking good there! Kinda makes me wanna go back and continue some of the jetbike projects I'm putting on hold now. I'm not using magnets too and though it does takes time to set up before play, I share the same sentiment that they do look great as it is...

  4. Why not get some tiny magnets (rare earth are good I've heard) then just cut the top of the stand off and drill a little whole in the jetbike. That way you have the ease of mags and the look of clearness.

  5. How long did it take you to finish these guys up? It seems an incredibly short period of time for such fine work. Good and fast! Now I am doubly jealous.

  6. Wow, that squad is gorgeous. As for the magnets, Ron, I have 3 different sizes of rare-earths that I could send you samples of to see if any work for you.

  7. Thanks guys, these have gone together quick for sure. They really are only "tabletop quality."

    The assembly is quick and I'm not doing any conversion work although I wish these guys had different heads (these don't look all that great compared to some of the sculpts out there now).

    Painting is fast because I am painting 3 to 6 at a time in assembly line fashion. I'm using the new washes too so that's been a bit of learning for me but it still speeds up the shading process on them.

    That and I've kept them real simple, there really isn't much detail on them overall.

    I started from scratch on Feb. 15 with just the boxes of guys and by the end of the day, I'll have 15 jetbikes complete.

    I'm waiting to bet my Vypers, It'll be interesting to get started on those.

    As for the magnets, if I can find something that can be used (most likely the rare earth ones) that I can still keep the plastic stand... I might be tempted to try it out in the future.

  8. try going to a bitz site and buying some dire-avenger heads they look much better

    as for you speed, wow...

  9. Speaking of which

  10. Peter: If I had thought about it before starting them... it would be a different story.

    I think I'll make my Warlocks have a different type of helmet so they stand out a little more from the regular Guardians.

    I still don't know what to do for my Farseer though. I might try making him a "custom" piece so he becomes the focal point.

  11. if you find a different bit site, you can actually get seperate metal bits, like the farseer heads, as obviously you can't really have a bare head, becuase of the ghost helm (and i hate bare eldar heads) I'll have a look-see

    oh... that was easy:

    I'm definetly going for avenger heads for mine, maybe you could give them the increased stats but add the point difference between a guardian and an avenger that would be cool... that get's me thinking of banshees or striking scorpions on jetbikes... i think nob bikerz just lost the top slot :P

    How are you making you warlock bikers anyway? just using normal jetbikes, i was thinking of combining them with a few vyper bitz

  12. As for magnetizing the stands, I originally used the clear stands that came with the bikes.
    If you are going with the clear stands I would recommend using an epoxy to affix the magnets to the flying bases. I had mixed results with just using glue to hold the magnets.

    On the bike side I used 6x3/8 steel sheet metal screws. This ends up being a lot cheaper than using additional magnets and I have not missed the additional hold that a second magnet provides.. The only word of caution is that you have to make sure to drill out the hole in the bike completely or the screw will split the bike in interesting ways.

    A slight caveat here, I found that I did have to use two magnets to keep my tanks on their bases, that and thicker rods.

  13. Peter: Thanks for the link, I'll have to check that site out. I didn't know about them.

    Chambers: I had a similar type screw in my bikes, a 4 x 3/8 and found the same problem. Drill carefully or you split the bike or have the screw sticking out in some odd fashion.
    I think the screw and one magnet is the way to go as opposed to two magents.

  14. They're looking mighty awesome Ron. :)

  15. Those guys look really good. And, I'm quite jealous of your speed!

  16. It's a bit of a challenge now, to see just how quick I can get them done and still maintain some respectable standard of painting.

  17. What about a round rare earth magnet and a small washer? WARNING: I haven't actually tried this, but you might be able to still do the ball socket that way.

  18. Doctor Zero: Now that's a possibility. I would just need to make sure I have a suitable sized magnet for the size model I'm working with. I found out the hard way with my Dragon commission about using the right "size" magnets so things hold in place.

  19. For magnetizing the bases... a 1/8" x 1/16" magnet epoxied onto the top of the clear stand (just cut of the top bit)as suggested by Gamers World and another one in the jetbike (just drill out the existing hole to fit) works great. I have about 10 of these assembled and the magnets work fine. Make sure you align all the magnets on all your bases in the same direction. I recommend the rare earth magnets from K&J Magnetics (http://www.kjmagnetics.com)

  20. Iron Dragon: Thanks for the link. I may try this on a spare jetbike to see how it goes before committing to the whole force.


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