The Rending Pony Datasheet

What started out as a legitimate post about the supposed new 3+ Storm Shield save on FTW member's blog, Ultramarine Blues didn't take long to degenerate into something far less substantial.

I don’t know who coined the term or when it came to be, but honestly, that doesn’t matter now.

What matters now is that we have the UNOFFICIAL Apocalypse Data Sheet for the mythical ‘Rending Pony’.

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  1. I f'n love this! Much laughter was brought to me on a tired and weary day, thanks!!!

    I got to ask: have you used it yet?

  2. neverness: I played a mission once where I had to capture one (as an objective), but I've never used it in a game.

    It's really more of a cross between the idea that Marines have everything and the idea of playing for fun without worrying about the win/loss ratio at the end of the day. This thing is so over the top it's crazy.

    And even then, I've had some people tell me in all seriousness how they could defeat it and win a game against it.

  3. Best pony ever. Good, very good.

  4. I'm painting one up to use in a showcase Apocalypse game in a few weeks. Just for giggles - then I'll put my real army on the table :D

  5. Oh, Pony...

    ...How I've missed you.

  6. - and brilliantly, my security word was 'horse'.


  7. Limey El'Jonson: I have one myself in my display case. If you do get one done, please share it. I'd love to see how it turned out.

    Admiral: That's what the Emperor would call a sign.

  8. Rending Pony?!?

    God save us all...

  9. shawn: You have no idea how bad it can get.

  10. This has got be a joke? space marines with a pony? next there going to come up with tallarn battle donkey instead of leman russ battle tanks?


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