My Rants and Opinions

Some stuff about the hobby in general:
Success and failure when it comes to painting
The top 7 things you do when you can't hobby
Do you have a painting style or do you struggle?
I only paint what I can see on a model
Outside of miniature wargaming, what competes for your hobby time?
They make fun of my "nerd man armies"
My Top Five color schemes of all time
Did I build and paint my HQ wrong?
Why you should mark your vehicles
There is no "auto-tie" mission
You can change your Codex, but not the rules
What do the words "Pro-Painted" mean to you?
What is 40k to you?
The call of Fantasy, or why I don't play.
On any given Sunday, any army can win
Are resin bases right for your army?
Painting with GW Foundation paints, why I don't
Conversions live and die in the tiny details
Deepstriking: It's not dangerous, it's random
The "social contract" we agree to when playing 40k.
What's my army missing?
Carrying cases: I don't get it, Build your own and transporting large models
Defining area terrain edges, a must have game mechanic?
Scratchbuilding no, kitbashing yes... my limits.
A Painting Quiz, how much detail do you need to paint?
Finding an army that suits you.
How do you make your army stand out?
Learn your army AND the rules
Would you pay to play 40k?
Army Building: Do you build what you really want to?
It's not your army that loses, it's you
My painting style over time, What I've learned (Part 2)
Painting your models: Love to or hate to?
40k, 5th Edition... extinction level event?
List Building: Offense or Defense?
40k Rumors, but I can't tell you
Hobby Time and how it differs from Real Time
How many shots does that thing have?
Conversions: Can you "see" the end result?
Timed turns for 40k?
Using Forge World stuff

My Wife's Perspective
Balancing hobby and home
Playing to Win

Guest Author Articles:
Getting your army finished, how to
The Return of Herohammer?
What kind of list do you build?
Themed Army Lists: The Air Cav, Part 1 and Part 2
What, no model for your must have unit?

Some stuff on blogging in general:
The top three things you should not say in a post
The purpose of your Warhammer 40k blog
Asumptions you make when posting
But what should I post about?
10 ways to improve your blog
Profanity and the hobby
What's in it for me?
The FTW Blogger Group, for what?
Really, is your little blog worth it?
FTW, the first year in review
I struggle with my blog
Blogging about 40k and making money?
An analytical look at FTW

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