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It's been years now, I've started to inch back into the hobby... albeit somewhat slowly and extremely limited. I suppose we never really leave the hobby once we get started right?

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who has emailed me over the past couple years offering support and sharing amazing hobby stories. Those have been and will always be the real joys of this hobby for me.

It's not the heroic victories or nail-biting tales of battle, it's the small personal successes people have in the hobby. Those tiny, unseen moments at the kitchen table or basement workbench while painting or modeling that a hobbyist discovers they're able to bring to life a small part of the game they enjoy so much.

That was the goal of FTW. To help hobbyists find those moments. I like to think it was helpful in doing that in some ways. I think it worked in the time that it was up and running. The blogging world was different back then I believe... or at least my perception of it was. FTW (as a blog) is not going away. I'm going to keep it here in a form of stasis so that new hobbyists can access the material here in hopes that it might continue to help in the smallest way.

That being said, I am not bringing it back to life either. That is beyond my ability now. I do not have the time or resources like I used to have. This is more of a final "wrap up post," or a footnote to put it all in perspective here.

The struggle for me as I get back into the hobby with the help of my friends is wanting to share all the stuff I've learned along the way. So often I hear how difficult something is or how it's impossible to paint or model this or that and my heart breaks.

In my mind, it's often simple and a matter of just being able to help another person see a technique in a different light or share a model that might inspire them to try again at a technique they once though "impossible."

That being said, I am back blogging. Please understand it will be nothing fancy or anywhere near as in-depth as FTW ever was. It will not be anything consistent or have a definite posting schedule or anything like that at all.

I just want to share the occasional model and hobby idea I have in hopes that they might inspire others to keep at it. To keep trying... to experience that tiny moment when they're able to bring to life a small part of the game they enjoy so much.

The new site is

These days I continue to play Space Hulk and have wandered back into Magic the Gathering. That's what you'll find on the new site. If you play either and want to follow along, please do. I am now on Facebook as well under Ron Warp (but use it only to share my blog content with a wider audience).

Stop by and visit.
Best wishes in the hobby!

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