FTW studio slowly being cleaned up

I say studio in the headline, but it's really my home. I want to start by saying how thankful I am and indebted I am to the gaming community for your support through this. The outpouring of help and encouragement has been unbelievable. For everyone who donated, thank you! I read all your comments if you included one and I will do what you said to do with the money (to include making sure the dog gets something).

All of your emails offering prayers, thoughts, and best wishes are much appreciated and help us keep going. This past week has been non-stop work to get things cleaned up as fast as possible to minimize the damage. Unfortunately, only so much can be done. It's been a steady stream of contractors coming through taking pictures and measuring rooms and such.

This is the 45 ton crane they used to lift the tree out

My Wife says I need to keep everyone informed of our progress, so I've included a few more pics of how the house looks now. Actually there's a third tarp over the house covering even more of it since there are so many holes in the roof. My biggest fear now is any thunderstorm with enough wind to break the tarp off as I have no way of getting it back on if that happens.

The storage pod holding all the upstairs stuff

The little bit of stuff I kept inside out of the heat

My Wife tells me I can get a new desk when the time comes. There are other things like a washer and dryer that were directly below the leaks that we need to make sure get replaced first. But just the idea of a new desk has me all excited.

I promise to continue posting hobby content in the coming days, I have a couple of posts saved up and I can use my online time to explore the parts of the hobby I've always been meaning to post about but never got around to since I was busy modeling and painting.

UPDATE: July 25
The tree is gone and the house is back under roof. The new roof looks gorgeous and the guys that put it on did an amazing job. No more rain damage! Work inside continues as I try to line up all the contractors back to back to get things done. I'm doing sa couple of the smaller tasks just to keep things moving so we can get back to a "normal" lifestyle. It won't save us any money, but it will get things done much quicker.

Ron, From the WarpIf you've got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I'll be glad to answer. Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and support!


  1. Thats awesome to read everything is getting back on track for you.

  2. Glad to see things are slowly being cleaned up.

  3. May this time past quickly so you and your wife, including the dog, can get back to the way things were. You're in my thoughts.

  4. Could you post a picture from the inside upwards?
    Best wishes.

  5. every cloud has a silver lining Ron, The "man-cave" can be reborn ;)

  6. Thanks folks! Everything seems to be on track, I just wished it could move a little quicker.

    Fredrik: I'll have to go through all our pics to see what we have. Part of the roof has been repaired already, but I might have some pics looking through the hole. I know my Wife took some from the studio where she could look out and see across the neighborhood.

  7. How awful, I am so sorry but I'm glad things are getting sorted. Keep a close eye on your Pod, though, I've heard a lot of bad stories about them getting broken into and ransacked. That's the last thing you need after everything else.

  8. That's just bloody terrible. I'm glad to hear no body was hurt though.

    You're a legend mate. In the middle of a crisis and still posting. Best wishes with the reconstruction and recovery.

  9. Grand progress! Great spirit of keeping calm and just carrying on :) hope its sorted with no thunderstorms!! And new desk!! Good times.

    Glad you are all safe n well.

  10. Great news that you're getting back on track, Ron. Which state are you in again?

    I'm only sorry I couldn't send more at the moment...

  11. Common Guys donate to
    Who's House? Ron's House

  12. Ashley: Never really thought of that. The pod is kinda flimsy. We don't have too much in there and most of the stuff is damaged anyway.

    Dugatron: I'm posting because I have a few posts already set to go from projects I was working on in June. It will still be a few more weeks before I can start "new" things to post.

    Richard Rose: No bad storms have come through as of late. The rest of the roof is being repaired today hopefully.

    Admiral: No worries mate, I'll be perfectly honest and tell you that every penny helps. You wouldn't think so much stuff could get damaged, but it does. and it's not like you can fix one thing either and be done with it.

    Everything builds on itself. You can't fix A until you fix B and you can't fix B until you fix C and D. It's nuts.

    Will: Horrible... but it made me laugh.

  13. I've been reading the posts on this site for quite a while now, but have never posted. I wish I could do half the nifty things that you seem to have mastered. I finally learned to use Green Stuff, however, by reading your posts (thanks, by the way).

    That said, I'm glad your home still stands, and that you're all uninjured. I lost my home in the Joplin, MO tornado, so I feel your loss.

    Remember: possessions can be replaced and rebuilt. People cannot.

    God bless, & rock on!

  14. A bit late with my reply regarding this, but I'm glad to hear everyone is ok and that your are on track with getting things back to normal. Life certainly does throw some obstacles in our path from time to time.

  15. Joel: I can only imagine what it would be like to lose everything. And you are 100 percent correct, things can be rebuilt or replaced, people cannot.

    Irinyir: Thank you!


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